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Unusual Rome: Obscure but Jaw-Dropping Treasures

Posted on March 14th 2023 in Tour  

In this post, we’re going on a fun romp through some of Rome’s more obscure tourist sights. If you’ve been to Rome before or if you’re simply the sort that enjoys the uncommon, these ideas cou...
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Announcing “Authentic Tuscany & Food Day Trip” from Rome

Posted on January 17th 2022 in Tour  

Another Covid winter is upon us and it's hard to imagine the day when we will be able to sit and swelter under the Tuscan sun together again, but at DriverInRome we have been busy at work dreaming up ...
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Pixar’s “Luca” Highlights Italy’s Ligurian Coast

Posted on October 16th 2021 in Tour   ITALY  

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s “Luca” yet you are missing out on a gem of a new movie that will make you laugh and cry, and maybe light your fire to come to Italy as well.“Luca” is a story of...
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Wine Regions in Tuscany and How to Put Together a Wine Tour

Posted on July 2nd 2021 in Tour   ITALY  

It goes without saying that Italy is a great place to visit if you love wine. The number of excellent wine producing regions is vast; you can scarcely go wrong, even when ordering the vino della casa ...
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Orvieto: An Amazing Day Trip from Rome

Posted on June 18th 2021 in Tour   Travel Rome  

Are you planning a trip to Rome and looking for something a bit different than the usual Roman ruins and Vatican stuff?  Consider Umbria.  In “the green heart of Italy” you will find one...
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What Makes Florence So Great?

Posted on June 11th 2021 in Tour   ITALY  

Whether you’re arriving by cruise ship to the port of Livorno or coming by train or by air, Florence is almost surely at the top of your bucket list.  It is the most popular tourist destination...
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Summer 2021: New Guidelines for Visitors at Pompeii

Posted on June 5th 2021 in Tour   ITALY  

Since reopening to the public as Covid restrictions begin to loosen, Pompeii has implemented some new regulations to take note of.As of June 7, 2021 the Pompeii ruins will return to their former accom...
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VISITING FLORENCE FROM ROME - Train or Private Driver?

Posted on May 28th 2021 in Tour   ITALY  

With so much to see in Italy, you’re probably wondering how to squeeze every drop out of your trip, right?  Fortunately, Italy’s two most iconic cities — Rome and Florence — are not that far ...
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