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Summer 2021: New Guidelines for Visitors at Pompeii

Since reopening to the public as Covid restrictions begin to loosen, Pompeii has implemented some new regulations to take note of.

As of June 7, 2021 the Pompeii ruins will return to their former accommodating opening hours of 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.  One important difference from the past is the requirement of prebooked tickets on certain days.  Read on for more details.

Pompeii Entrance Points and Mandatory Ticket Pre-Purchase

At Pompeii the Porta Marina entrance gate will be reopened.  

IF YOUR VISIT IS ON A WEEKEND OR HOLIDAY tickets will need to be prepurchased.
Buy online at or by telephone at 081.8575347, at least one day in advance.

Ticket offices will be operational in Piazza Anfiteatro and Piazza Esedra.

The Piazza Esedra entrance is recommended for those who wish to immediately access the Antiquarium of Pompeii, recently inaugurated with its new layout after restoration work.

Maps of the exact entrance locations can be found on the Pompeii official website.

How Covid Regulations Will Affect Your Visit

In order to ensure a safe visit in compliance with anti-Covid health provisions, visitors are requested to follow a route indicated by special signs throughout the ruins, or by using the My Pompeii app.

Special Exhibit “Venustas: Grace & Beauty at Pompeii”

Until July 31, 2021 you can see how the ancient Romans pampered and adorned themselves. This special exhibit at Pompeii, entitled "Venustas: Grace & Beauty at Pompeii," features beauty products, make-up, mirrors, ornaments for clothing, jewelry, and statuary dedicated to the gods.

Other Archeological Sites Near Pompeii

The sites of Oplontis (Villa di Poppea), Stabiae (Villa Arianna and Villa San Marco), and Boscoreale (Villa Regina) will be open daily except Tuesday.

How to Get There

Pompeii can be reached in a number of ways, whether you are staying in the area or staying in Rome, coming by train, or arriving on a cruise ship.


Please refer to the Pompeii website for more details:


For the most convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable tour of Pompeii from Rome you can't beat having a chauffeur service. 

DriverInRome specializes in day trips from Rome to Pompeii in the air-conditioned comfort of a private vehicle with a fluent English-speaking driver who can chat with you about all sorts of things as you're driving.  We can arrange a private tour guide at Pompeii for you as well (money well spent, in our view).

Our most popular day trips from Rome that include Pompeii are:

Tours are customizable, and dropoff can be back in Rome or at some other destination.  Perhaps best of all, our service is dependable.  You can count on DriverInRome to be there, rain or shine!


You can get to Pompeii from the port of Naples with public transportation, as mentioned above.

Getting around with public transportation in Italy does have its drawbacks, however.  In high season it can be very crowded and chaotic — not the best environment for small children or the elderly, or anyone with limited mobility.  The possibility of train strikes (which are not uncommon in summer) can throw a wrench into your carefully laid plans.

In order to make getting to Pompeii and back to port a whole lot stressful it might be best to hire a private car and driver.  This way you’ll be able to see a whole lot more on your day trip from the port of Naples, and you can customize your tour to include some of the other amazing archeological sites in the area such as Herculaneum, or the ancient Roman villas of Oplontis, Stabiae and Boscoreale mentioned above. 

DriverInRome would be very pleased to assist you with a shore excursion from the port of Naples.  Our most popular day trip that includes Pompeii is:

We can create a custom full-day tour for you that includes such places as Sorrento and Mt. Vesuvius, as well as the amazing ruins that the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD so brilliantly left us in this area:

We also offer tours from the ports of Sorrento, Amalfi and Salerno.

Be Sure to Double Check the Most Current Info on the Pompeii Website

As the Covid situation is still changing it would be wise to consult the Pompeii website for the most current information regarding opening times, ticket pre-purchase requirements, etc.

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