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Where to Find the Best Pizza NOT in Naples

Posted on July 29th 2022 in ITALY  

To get the best, most genuine Neapolitan pizza you’ve got to go to Naples, right? Well, maybe not!First, let’s clear up what it means to be Neapolitan — or, rather, what it doesn’t mean. “Ne...
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Pizza: Neapolitan Origins of a Worldwide Culinary Phenomenon

Posted on July 22nd 2022 in ITALY  

The word “pizza” can be traced back about a thousand years to the southern Italian town of Gaeta, where it was first documented in 997 CE, but a flattish sort of bread with toppings has been e...
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Oplontis: The Perfect Pompeii Pairing You Never Heard Of

Posted on July 11th 2022 in ITALY  

With its art, cuisine, architecture, natural beauty, and history going back thousands of years, Italy is a gold mine for any tourist. When it comes to archeological treasures from ancient times, few p...
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Bagnoregio: The Dying City Lives On

Posted on May 6th 2022 in ITALY  

How fun does it sound to visit a place nicknamed The Dying City?  Believe it or not, the dying city of Bagnoregio is a very lively place, especially if you visit during tourist season.Established...
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Precious Poo: An Ancient Sewer Tells of Life in Pompeii

Posted on March 29th 2022 in ITALY  

Pompeii. Mention the word and visions of cataclysmic disaster come to mind. The site of the world’s most famous catastrophe is now one of the world’s most fascinating and most visited archeologica...
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Obsession & Anger: The Story of Michelangelo in Rome Part 2

Posted on March 21st 2022 in ITALY  

Born and raised in Tuscany, Michelangelo rose from relatively humble beginnings to become one of the most sought-after and well-paid artists of the Renaissance.As a craftsman, he was a legend in his o...
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The Glory & The Darkness: The Story of Michelangelo in Rome

Posted on March 14th 2022 in Travel Rome   ITALY  

Legendary genius, legendary obsession, legendary loneliness.Famous rivals, famous patrons, famous censors.Michelangelo is arguably the most celebrated artist of the Renaissance. A true Renaissance man...
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Funny Ways of Saying Things in Italian

Posted on January 31st 2022 in ITALY  

Italians are famous for talking with their hands, but they have a knack for using words in very clever ways as well. From colloquial expressions to age-old proverbs, Italian have ways of saying things...
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May 14th 2022

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