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The Story of Michelangelo in Rome: Part 1, Glory & Darkness

Posted on April 15th 2024 in Travel Rome   ITALY  

Legendary genius, legendary obsession, legendary loneliness.Famous rivals, famous patrons, famous censors.Michelangelo is arguably the most celebrated artist of the Renaissance. A true Renaissance man...
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Et tu, Kitten? Cats Share the Spotlight with Caesar’s Murder

Posted on July 28th 2023 in Travel Rome  

Smack in the middle of one of the busiest transportation hubs in Rome — Largo di Torre Argentina — sits a rectangular excavation site that until last month seemed a nondescript, abandoned archeo...
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Feel Like a Gladiator on the Colosseum’s New Arena Floor

Posted on June 17th 2022 in Travel Rome  

Rome’s Colosseum, a technological and architectural wonder when it was constructed almost two thousand years ago, is about to time warp into the 21st century with a modern reconstruction of the aren...
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Good Enough for the Pope: The Castelli Romani

Posted on May 14th 2022 in Travel Rome  

The Castelli Romani (literally, Roman Castles), a collection of hilltop villages around Lake Albano and Lake Nemi about 25 minutes south of Rome, have always been synonymous with great food and simpli...
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Announcing Our Virtual Tours of Rome & Pompeii

Posted on February 26th 2022 in Travel Rome  

Are you weary of winter? Ready to exchange your Covid confinement for a little adventure and amazement?We have just the ticket, and it’s even free!Put a little travel spice back in your life and joi...
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Rome Fun Facts: The Colosseum

Posted on November 26th 2021 in Travel Rome  

The Colosseum is without question Rome’s most iconic monument.  Its fame is so great that you could show a photo of the Colosseum to virtually anyone in any country across the globe and it’s ...
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Rome Fun Facts: The Eternal City (Rome Itself)

Posted on November 19th 2021 in Travel Rome  

In this week’s blog post, instead of presenting interesting facts about one of Rome’s iconic monuments, we’ll be focusing on fun facts about The Eternal City itself.  Rome was called “The...
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Rome Fun Facts: The Pantheon

Posted on November 10th 2021 in Travel Rome  

The Pantheon is one of Rome’s most iconic monuments, perhaps second only to the Colosseum.As with so many structures from antiquity, the Pantheon’s use has evolved from pagan to Christian and beyo...
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