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NEW DAY TRIP Italian Ancestry Research & Tour

Have you always been curious about your Italian heritage?  Allora… we’re pleased to announce a new service: the Italian Ancestry Research & Tour!

Go on a sentimental journey to your Italian roots.  We’ll take care of everything,  Simply provide us with whatever information you have about your Italian family and we’ll get started.

This is an exclusive, personalized excursion with your very own English-speaking driver and vehicle.  Sit back, relax, and let us do the work!


Imagine spending a day driving through the picturesque Italian countryside, seeing the land where your ancestors lived and worked and raised their families.  Then feel the nostalgia as you walk in your family’s footsteps when you stroll through your ancestral town, che figata!  

Maybe we’ll even be lucky enough to be there during a local festival so you can join in the celebration of regional products and Italian cooking.  In any event, you’ll learn about the history and traditions of the place, and enjoy the hospitality that is so wonderful and unique in every region of Italy.  

We will do everything possible to reconnect you with your family still living in Italy.  Think of the thrill of coming face to face with your long-lost Italian relatives, sharing stories of how your family legacy has carried on and branched out in different ways in different cultures on both sides of the sea.


Whether you need a little help speaking Italian or a lot, we’ll be there by your side to chat with locals in the piazzas and cafés as they paint a picture of the past for you.  If you need anything from the archives in the municiple hall of records or at your family’s parish we’ll be happy to take you there and help with that as well.

Of course no day trip in Italy would be complete without that all-important ingredient of Italian life: FOOD.  We’ll scope out a genuine trattoria or osteria (a casual eatery, often rustic, that serves local cuisine) unless of course your relatives invite you for lunch!


Davvero!  You pay only for the car & driver.  Serving as your escort/translator and the doing the research on your relatives are our gift to you.  We charge nothing for these services because it is our passion.  It will be our great pleasure to see you reconnect with your Italian roots.


You will be glad to know that Remo Melaragno, DriverInRome’s founder, brings his personal expertise to the Italian Ancestry Research & Tour.  Not only is Remo particularly passionate about Italian heritage and geneology, he also brings over 30 years of experience to the table, ensuring that clients are provided with the most expertly-curated service possible.

DriverInRome would be very pleased to create this day of discovering your Italian heritage with you, a once-in-a-lifetime experience where faded memories come alive and new ones are born.  Che bello! 

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