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Hi there,

I was referred to you by Aldo Della Ragione who provided us with excellent travel advice.

We were picked up promptly from our cruise ship and delivered to our hotel in Roma. The driver was friendly and informative.

Next, we were picked up promptly and delivered to the airport. This was early in the morning, the driver was on time and friendly.

I would have no hesitation in referrring anyone to your business. We have a business as well in Victoria and feedback is always important. I have been trying to dig my way out of work since returning home, I was going to send you a note to let you know how things went and to let you know we were happy with your service.

No problems, excellent service.

Thank you,
post Published by: Dayle Howell - 24 Aug 2008, 6:08:47 PM
Hi Monia

The greatest memory that we have of our vacation was Rome..we went on many excursions..enjoyed them..but Rome was sooooo special because we had a private tour with the most wonderful tour guides from your company.. We spoke with a few people that took a ship excursion in Rome and were so disappointed..what a shame to not see Rome the way we did..thank your drivers again for a wonderful, heart felt experience.

Kathleen O'Neil
post Published by: Kathleen O'Neil - 24 Aug 2008, 5:54:58 PM

The trip from the airport was fine and everything worked well. Thank you for the excellent arrangements. Regards, Tim Shreve
post Published by: Tim Shreve - 24 Aug 2008, 5:36:29 PM
Mona, We all got home safe & sound. Suffering a little jet lag, but getting back to normal. We had a great trip & want to thank your drivers that we had in Naples & Rome. They were great!!! Listening to some of the other passengers on the ship that took the ship's tours we really know we did the right thing in doing our own bookings. Thanks again & we certainly will be willing to recommend your company to others. Best regards & good luck, Bob Lopes.

post Published by: Bob Lopes - 24 Aug 2008, 5:23:37 PM

Thank you for your email.

Just to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed our Rome by Night tour. Your driver was excellent and very informative. He was particularly kind to my elderly mum. Please pass on our thanks to him for a really enjoyable trip around your beautiful city.

Kind Regards

post Published by: Bernadette - 24 Aug 2008, 4:46:25 PM
We had a fabulous day with Giseppe he was a doll, we loved the Amalfi coast, loved where he suggested for lunch it was out favorite day thank you!

post Published by: doll (usa) - 24 Aug 2008, 4:28:27 PM

Thanks for the followup. Were very happy with our driver and the over all experience.


David Larson
post Published by: David Larson - 24 Aug 2008, 4:11:21 PM
Hi Daniele,

I have taken a very long time to respond back to you about our tours! I hope this is still helpful to you.

Our group toured with Lucia in Florence, and with Elizabeth in Rome on our trip this past June. We originally booked you from your website, and that is because it was the easiest to use. It was also clear that you are customer-service oriented, and that you are organized! We trusted that you would be there at each port as promised, and you were!!! It was very nice not to have this as a problem. Especially since we were a party of 12! We were not disappointed at all with the timing, the suggestions, and the vehicles provided.

We all loved Lucia, especially. She was so knowledgable and very passionate about what she was showing us. This kept the tour very interesting for all ages in our group. We felt as though we had made a new friend in Italy!

We toured Rome on one of the days that is was over 100 degrees F. Near the end of the day, you supplied us with extra water bottles to drink. We really appreciated that effort!!!

We would recommend your company to anyone planning to travel to your area. If you would like us to be a reference for you, we would be happy to.

Thank you very much,

Janice Iverson
post Published by: Janice Iverson - 24 Aug 2008, 3:44:24 PM
Dear Monia,

The driver and guide at the Vatican were WONDERFUL. I believe their names were Stephanie and Ivano. We had plenty of time to see St. Peter in Chains cathedral + the Vatican + have a relaxing lunch before going to the ship.

The driver to Florence was also great. He was able to get us into the Academy to see "David". We took a short break to see Siene before we got to Florence, which broke up the drive nicely. When we told people how much fun we had - they said that they wished that they went with us. Of course, it is nicer to go with a much smaller group. Not as many compromises are necessary.

The other guides that we had with the "Fromet" tour were also knowledgeable and had great English skills.

Also, I am sure that we would have enjoyed ourselves more if we had stayed in your bed and breakfast. The hotel didn't turn on the heat until mid-November, and the breakfast had stale croissants. We went to the bakery down the block.

Thanks for your help.

post Published by: David Klein - 24 Aug 2008, 3:18:43 PM
We made it through security with no problem. We were all giggling like school girls once we got through. hehe.

We invited our tablemates back to our cabin to share some of the wine.

Thank you again so much for our incredible day in Roma. It was memorable not only for the amazing sites but for your wonderful hospitality.

Aprille Magill

Marty Magill

Tricia Ollre

Danny Ollre

post Published by: Aprille Magill - 24 Aug 2008, 3:07:42 PM