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Travel to Italy Update: Don’t Panic, Here Are the Facts

Europe being reopened to leisure travel this summer was like a ray of sunshine for travelers and the tourism industry alike.  Here in Italy the sound of foreign languages in the streets, in the piazzas, and on restaurant terraces was music to everyone’s ears.

But now the rising number of Covid cases in the US threatens the celebration, with the European Union recently recommending that member states close their borders to American tourists.  

Not surprisingly, most countries in the EU, which have been suffering greatly from the loss of tourism during the Covid pandemic, are not following this advice.  Only Bulgaria, Norway, and Sweden have chosen to follow the recommendation, which is not binding.

Read on for a quick update of travel requirements for Italy, along with links to related websites and articles for required forms and more in-depth info.

Travel to Italy in Sept/Oct 2021: What You Need to Know

At the moment entry requirements to Italy for travelers from the US, Canada, and Japan are still pretty relaxed.

If you have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid, and have proof issued by a competent authority, a self-isolation period is not required if you present:

  • a Passenger Locator Form (that can be filled out online), and
  • a negative result of a Covid test taken within 72 hours of entry to Italy.

If you have not been vaccinated you must isolate for 5 days upon arriving in Italy.

Entry to Italy for American, Canadian, and Japanese Travelers: Useful Links for Required Forms, Official Details, and General Info

Passenger Locator Form (required)

For full official details from the Italian Ministry of Health on entry requirements for travelers from the US, Canada, or Japan:

For good general information on the current state of affairs:

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