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Thanks to DriverinRome.

Oct 2007

Thanks to DriverinRome we will remember our trip to Rome and our wonderful driver Maximo. We could not have planned a better day to see Rome and our Pope Benedict. We found out before leaving the ship that it was the Pope's birthday. Maximo started us off at the Colleseum and other points of interest and came to get us as he heard the festivities for Pope Benedict had started. He drove us to a side entrance where we were immediately allowed to enter and there was the Pope a little to our right on stage. They also had large screens set up so everyone could see him. We were able to listen to quite of few of his speeches in languages from all over the world and see the people cheer from other countries as he thanked them for being there. My most awesome experience was having our Pope bless the crowd. Never again could we have planned to be in Rome on such a glorious day. It is a memory we will carry in our hearts forever. Maximo then proceeded to drive us to a wonderful restaurant for lunch and then finished our tour in Rome. Ancient Rome was just as we have seen pictures and studied about all of our lives, it couldn't have been more thrilling and awe-inspiring. We will recommend your company to all of our friends and relatives who are planning to go to Italy. We are also members of a Cruise Critic club and plan to critique our cruise and of course mention DriverinRome, where we first heard of your company. Our best regards to Maximo and to Danielle for helping me arrange this tour.

Peggy Ariano

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