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Republican & Imperial Rome Walking Tour

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Republican & Imperial Rome Walking Tour
Code : WT01
Type : Private

Duration : 4 Hours

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On this private, 4-hour walking tour your expert guide will escort you on a fascinating discovery of ancient Rome. 

Features of this private walking tour of Republican & Imperial Rome:

  • The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • The Capitoline Hill 


Dive into Rome’s ancient past, filled with stories of emperors and intrigues, heroes and despots, tragedy and glory. 


The tour usually begins with a visit of the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater in the Roman world and an iconic symbol of the city.  Inaugurated by Emperor Titus in 80 AD, the Colosseum seated some 50,000 spectators who would gather to watch gladiators in combat, with each other and sometimes with exotic animals.  The floor of the Colosseum could also be flooded (really!) and mock naval battles were performed. 

After the fall of the Roman Empire the Colosseum suffered from natural causes and the ravages of men.  The marble and decorative materials were carted off to build churches, and the site was left in decline for a thousand years.  Restoration began in the 19th century, led by Pope Pius VIII,  continued in the 1990s, with the last great undertaking in recent years.


One of the most evocative places in Rome, the ruins of the Roman Forum stand in the center of the modern city, a romantic testament to its past greatness.

The Forum was the heart of ancient Rome, a bustling center filled with temples, market places and civic buildings.  A far cry from its beginnings as a swamp and Etruscan burial ground.

As you walk the Via Sacra with your guide, you will walk the same paving stones that the Emperors traversed as they returned from battle parading their loot (how cool is that??).  The story of Rome and its evolution from monarchy to republic to empire will unfold as your guide explains the ruins in this mesmerizing place.


It was on the Palatine Hill that Remus and Romulus founded Rome in 753 BC.  Later, during the Roman Empire, splendid imperial palaces were built over its slopes.  In fact, the word “palace” comes from “Palatine”, evidence of how the site became synonymous with majestic structures.

There are a ton of ruins on Palatine Hill, so you will be thankful for your guide to help you navigate and understand it all.


Tne Capitoline Hill is one of the seven ancient hills of Rome.  The citadel of the earliest Romans was situated here, so it is only fitting that the place is now the civic centre of Rome.

At the top of the hill is Piazza del Campidoglio, an elegant square redesigned by Michelangelo in the mid-16th Century.  After climbing the graceful, sloping stairs (also designed by Michelangelo for both human and horse/cart traffic) you will be met by stately buildings and the  bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius on his horse.  From the back side of the Capitoline Hill, the Roman Forum stretches out before you in all its splendour. 



Please be aware that obtaining skip-the-line tickets is not guaranteed and is contingent on availability, which is confirmed at the time of booking. Due to the activities of prominent agencies with early access, securing tickets has become more challenging. Ticket sales for the Vatican Museums open two months before the selected date, while the Colosseum opens one month ahead. If we are unable to secure tickets, alternative activities will be proposed. Pre-purchased tickets are non-refundable, but we will make every effort to find suitable alternatives.


  • Professional walking tour guide for 4 hours
  • Personalized itinerary customizable with your guide whenever possible


  • Tickets if not specified to be part of the tour package, are an extra cost to be arranged with the office.
  • Lunch and admission fees are not included
  • Gratuities are not included in the rate


  • This service does not include the transportation service.
  • Depending on the situation, you may decide with your guide to use public transportation or take a taxi, in that case please remember that the tickets or taxi fare are shouldered by the guests.
  • The tour sequence may be altered to avoid congestions, but always covering all sites mentioned.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.
  • The Colosseum skip the line tickets are not part of the rate, they have an extra cost. Please contact the office if you’d like to avail them.

Meeting Point

  • Your guide will be waiting for you inside the lobby of your hotel or outside your apartment in Rome. (We could also arrange a meeting point to save time for both the guide and your group. In that case, please ask information in advance to the office). If you are not able to find them, please don’t leave but call the office ASAP. If you think you will be late for any reason, we kindly ask you to contact the office ASAP.


1. Is this tour private?

The tour is private, just for your party.

2. Where is the meeting point?

Your guide can meet you at your hotel or close to the area of the Colosseum.

3. Does this tour include lunch and admission fees to sites?

Tickets and lunch are not included in the rate. Please contact our office for pricing and reservations.

4. Does it include a guide?

A private licensed guide for 4 hours is included in the rate.

5. What is the itinerary of this tour?

The highlights of this tour include the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine and the Capitoline Hills.

6. What is the duration of the tour?

The duration of the tour is 4 hours.

7. Is gratuity included in the price?

Tips are never included in our quotes. We think that a tip shouldn’t be included in the rate otherwise it would be a tax!!! Once in Italy do not feel as though you have to tip everyone because someone told you to. Tip only if you really liked the service. Tips are generally: 10% not bad 15 % great 20 % best tour in my life. Please report any abuse.

Cancellation Policy

There will be a full charge for bookings canceled with less than 72-hour notice for any service required. In this case, a full charge will be made on your credit card. If you miss your flight or if your airline decides to cancel the flight due to bad weather or if your flight is directed to another airport on arrival, please advise us on time (as soon as you know) or a full charge will be made.

Please give us enough time so we can accept other reservations and allocate them to our chauffeurs. If the ship does not make it to the pier for bad weather, you will not be considered responsible so NO CHARGE will be made to your credit card. A full charge will be made for a no-show-up.

Only pre-purchased skip-the-line tickets (if requested) are not refundable under the circumstance and will be charged to your card.

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