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Caravaggio Walking Tour

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Caravaggio Walking Tour
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Type : Private

Duration : 3 Hours

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On this private 3-hour walking tour your expert guide will escort you on a fascinating journey to discover the masterpieces of Caravaggio in Rome. 

Features of this Caravaggio walking tour in Rome:

  • Private guide for 3 hours
  • St Paul's Conversion
  • The Crucifixion of St Peter
  • The Calling of Saint Matthew
  • The Inspiration of Saint Matthew
  • The Martyrdom of St Matthew
  • Pilgrim's Madonna (The Madonna of Loreto)


Caravaggio was a controversial and revolutionary Italian artist during the late 16th and early 17th Centuries.  In his short career he refined the use of chiaroscuro -- the use of light in a painting to create dramatic contrasts of light and dark -- and set the stage for modern painting, greatly influencing future masters such as Rembrandt.

At a time when religious themes in art were depicted with reverence, Caravaggio caused a stir by framing religious themes in real-life settings of his time, using prostitutes and beggars as his models, showing not only their dirty feet but also the grimy side of humanity, in diverse senses.

Caravaggio was born in tumultuous times and lived a tumultuous life, dying young in sad circumstances.  As you walk the city of Rome and view his works your guide will tell the tale of his life.


The Church of Santa Maria del Popolo is also known as “the artists' church” for the numerous artists who created works for it: Raphael, Carracci, Pinturicchio, Caravaggio and Bernini.

In 1600, Caravaggio was commissioned to paint two pictures of Rome's Patron Saints Peter and Paul.  Peter is depicted at his crucifixion, and Paul at his conversion.  The painting of Paul as the Roman soldier Saul who hears the voice of God and falls from his mount was criticized because the rump of his horse features largely in the painting.  Today the composition is viewed as groundbreaking because of the way Caravaggio connects us to its protagonist, falling towards us and breaking the plane of the image.


The cycle of Caravaggio’s in the church of San Luigi dei Francesi is amongst his best known. 

The paintings depict three scenes from the life of Saint Matthew: The Calling of St. Matthew, The Inspiration of Saint Matthew and The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew.  The middle painting, the last to be commissioned, caused suck a ruckus that he had to redo it.


In 1603 Caravaggio was asked to paint the Cavalletti Chapel in the church of Sant’Agostino.  His painting, The Madonna of Loreto, commonly called  “the Pilgrim's Madonna” depicts a barefoot  virgin and naked baby Jesus before two peasants on a pilgrimage.  

In typical style, Caravaggio depicts Madonna and child in a humble setting, which of course generated considerable controversy in its day.  The image is a beautiful message of how the divine is perhaps nearer than we think.  Some say the model for the Virgin could have been the woman over whom Caravaggio had a fight and had to escape from Rome, one of the many speculations about his life, so full of turbulence, glory and tragedy.


  • Professional walking tour guide for 3 hours
  • Personalized itinerary customizable with your guide whenever possible 


  • Tickets (if there is any) if not specified to be part of the tour package, are an extra cost to be arranged with the office
  • Lunch and admission fees are not included
  • Gratuities are not included in the rate


  • If mass is taking place, entrance to churches may be restricted.
  • Appropriate attire is required in all churches; you will not be permitted to enter with uncovered shoulders or short shorts/skirts.
  • This service does not include the transportation service.
  • Depending on the situation, you may decide with your guide to use public transportation or take a taxi, in that case please remember that the tickets or taxi fare are shouldered by the guests.
  • The tour sequence may be altered to avoid congestions, but always covering all sites mentioned.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Meeting Point

  • Your guide will be waiting for you inside the lobby of your hotel or outside your apartment in Rome. (We could also arrange a meeting point to save time for both the guide and your group. In that case, please ask information in advance to the office). If you are not able to find them, please don’t leave but call the office ASAP. If you think you will be late for any reason, we kindly ask you to contact the office ASAP.


1. Is this tour private?

The tour is private, just for your party.

2. Where is the meeting point?

Your guide can meet you at your hotel or in Piazza del Popolo.

3. Does this tour include lunch and admission fees to sites?

Tickets and lunch are not included in the rate. No ticket reservation is necessary.

4. Does it include a guide?

A private licensed guide for 3 hours is included in the rate.

5. What is the itinerary of this tour?

The highlights of this tour include Caravaggio's works in the church of Santa Maria del Popolo, the church of S. Luigi dei Francesi, and the Church of S. Agostino.

6. What is the duration of the tour?

The duration of the tour is 3 hours

7. Is gratuity included in the price?

Tips are never included in our quotes. We think that a tip shouldn’t be included in the rate otherwise it would be a tax!!! Once in Italy do not feel as though you have to tip everyone because someone told you to. Tip only if you really liked the service. Tips are generally: 10% not bad 15 % great 20 % best tour in my life. Please report any abuse.

Cancellation Policy

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Please give us enough time so we can accept other reservations and allocate them to our chauffeurs. If the ship does not make it to the pier for bad weather, you will not be considered responsible so NO CHARGE will be made to your credit card. A full charge will be made for a no-show-up.

Only pre-purchased skip-the-line tickets (if requested) are not refundable under the circumstance and will be charged to your card.

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