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Amalfi Coast

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From the Port of Naples
Amalfi Coast
Code : NA03
Type : Private Tours

Duration : 9 Hours

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This customized private shore excursion from Naples will be designed by you, according to what you desire to see and do on the Amalfi Coast.  


Features of this “Amalfi Coast What You Wish” day trip from Naples:


Pick-up at the cruise terminal

Air-conditioned vehicle

You decide where to go.

Drop off at the ship


If you have a theme in mind for a personalized excursion to the Amalfi Coast but need a hand with the specifics, we’ll be happy to help you with suggestions.  Below you’ll find descriptions of the classic destinations.


Do you already have a list prepared?  Benissimo! All we’ll need do is sort out the timing and route.


Been to Amalfi Coast previously and have seen all the popular places?  Nessun problema!  Please contact us and we’ll come up with alternatives based on your interests.



A lot of people don’t realize that there even is a
town of Amalfi, maybe because the coast bearing the same name has hogged all the glory, or maybe because places like Positano have gotten all the attention. 


The fact is that Amalfi has an incredible history!  This speck of a place rose from being a fishing village to one of the fiercest naval republics in the Mediterranean during Medieval times.


An important part of Amalfi’s past is the production of paper, which goes back to the 13th Century.  Amalfi paper was famous all over the Mediterranean through the Middle Ages until Renaissance times.  The Museo della Carta (Paper Museum) brings to light this element of the town’s past, and the ruins of the original mills can be visited as well.


The most impressive thing in Amalfi today the Duomo.  The cathedral, dedicated to Saint Andrew, dates back to the 9th Century.  It has been expanded and restyled many times over the centuries, incorporating Arab-Norman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque elements topped off with a 19th-century Norman-Arab-Byzantine facade (whew!).


One of the ancient world's worst disasters stopped time in
Pompeii, where you will see life as it was almost 2000 years ago. The cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD buried the city under ash and lava, where it remained brilliantly preserved until excavations began in the 18th century.

You will have 2 hours to tour on foot (or better yet, with a private guide), gaining insight into the lives of ancient Romans as you walk amongst the remains of bathhouses, temples, markets and forums.


In Positano, pastel houses are set against the stark cliffside that gives way to the brilliant blue sea.  As you descend the many stairs to the seaside promenade and the beach, you will find everything from art galleries to clothing to handicrafts and local products. 

Lemons are renowned in these parts, perhaps at their most famous when turned into limoncello, a scrumptious lemon liqueur that you will definitely want to try.  Enjoy free time to explore this elegant spot with its many boutiques, open-air markets and seaside cafes.



Perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, Ravello is a place of unparalleled natural beauty and breathtaking views. To get there you will take a slow uphill drive from Amalfi, passing vineyards and groves of olive trees.  


One of the nicest things about Ravello is that it is still has a village feel, and it’s not overrun by tourism.  And then there are the architectural and historical points of interest, particularly Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.  These unbelievable gardens inebriate visitors with the sweet scents of blooming flowers and lemon trees, and captivate the eye with their bright colors.  The views are jaw-dropping.

Along Via Roma you will find upscale boutiques and traditional restaurants featuring exceptional local cuisine.



A summer resort that attracts visitors from all over the world, Sorrento is an enchanting village brimming with character.  In ancient times the Greeks and Romans found inspiration here for their art and industry, and it is here that you will find an extraordinary array of woodworks, mosaics, furniture and porcelain in a setting of handsome streets, scenery and people. 

If you have a sweet tooth (well, even if you don’t) you should taste some
sfogliatelle, a delectable Neapolitan pastry filled with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.


  • Private vehicle
  • English speaking driver-guide at your service for 9 hours
  • Pick-up and drop off right at your ship
  • Personalized itinerary customizable with your driver whenever possible
  • Live commentaries and explanations on board
  • Gas, toll and parking fees



  • Due to traffic and other factors the order of things may vary.
  • Pompeii is not completely wheelchair accessible.
  • Positano has many stairs. No wheelchair accessibility.
  • The road along the Amalfi coast is winding with precipitous drops.
  • We recommend a licensed guide at Pompeii for a 2-hour walking tour at an additional cost of 150 euro (should be requested in advance).

Meeting Point

  • Your driver will be ready to wait for you in front of your ship holding a sign with your name before the appointed time. As soon as you get off the ship, please look for your driver and if you are not able to find him, please don’t leave but call the office ASAP. If you think you will be late for any reason, we kindly ask you to contact the office ASAP.


1. Is this tour private?

The tour is private just for your party; however, you can look for other travel companions to share the costs of the tour with.

2. Does the driver go with us inside the monuments?

No, only a licensed guide is authorized to accompany you during the visit of sights. Our driver will drop you off close to the sights but will stay with the vehicle for the duration of your visit.

3. Does this tour include lunch and admission fees to sites?

No tickets or lunch are included in the rate. Please contact our office for pricing and reservations.

4. Does it include a guide?

A guide is not included either. Please contact our office for pricing and reservations.

5. What is the duration of the tour?

The duration of the tour is 9 hours, including pickup and drop off at the ship.

6. Do you guarantee the return to the ship on time?

In almost 30 years of business, we have never missed the ship that is why we have organized all itineraries to guarantee your return on time.

7. Is the itinerary flexible?

Our itineraries are completely flexible, and we will be happy to operate any changes to the original itinerary (within reason). Please contact our office with all the requests you may have so that we can better organize your day.

8. Is gratuity included in the price?

Tips are never included in our quotes. We think that a tip shouldn’t be included in the rate otherwise it would be a tax!!! Once in Italy do not feel as though you have to tip everyone because someone told you to. Tip only if you really liked the service. Tips are generally: 10% not bad 15 % great 20 % best tour in my life. Please report any abuse.

Cancellation Policy

There will be a full charge for bookings canceled with less than 72-hour notice for any service required. In this case, a full charge will be made on your credit card. If you miss your flight or if your airline decides to cancel the flight due to bad weather or if your flight is directed to another airport on arrival, please advise us on time (as soon as you know) or a full charge will be made.

Please give us enough time so we can accept other reservations and allocate them to our chauffeurs. If the ship does not make it to the pier for bad weather, you will not be considered responsible so NO CHARGE will be made to your credit card. A full charge will be made for a no-show-up.

Only pre-purchased skip-the-line tickets (if requested) are not refundable under the circumstance and will be charged to your card.

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