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If you are contemplating hiring these folks for a tour in Italy, do it now!

Dec 2008

First of all, if you are contemplating hiring these folks for a tour in Italy, do it now! You can read the reviews below and see how versatile and willing to please they are. Our group, a very atypical mix of folks, included 12 people of a 50 year age range. Two of our parties are totally blind and 3 others are Legally Blind. We are from all over the U.S. and three of our parties are from Northeast, England. Our driver Manny and guide Luca adapted and accommodated our group in a way we had never experienced before. These two young men helped us form a memory of our visit to Rome which will never leave us for the rest of our lives. We especially appreciate the way they stepped forward to make sure the blind members of our party enjoyed all the same points as the sighted folks. That's very special and is very hard to achieve.  You folks were the highlight of our cruise holiday and we'll be back to see you as soon as we can! 

Kyle Kiper

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