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We had an awesome day with Claudio our driver. He collected us promptly and took care to find out what we expected to get from our trip and made sure that he exceeded these expectations. He called ahead to book a trusted private tour guide who was waiting for us on our arrival in Pompeii - he was fantastic! And then we drove on to Sorrento, stopping at various places on the Amalfie Coast to take photographs and then we had a late lunch in Il Positano, before returning to Rome. Travelling with two young daughters, it was a long day trip, but memorable - and we all thought it was our best day of our week-long holiday to Rome.
Tour Of Rome
Date published: 02/20/2016
5 / 5 stars
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The Duomo of NaplesCatacombs of NaplesMuseo Archeologico Nazionale di NapoliNational Museum & Gallery of the CapodimonteCarthusian Monastery, San Marino & National Museum San Martino


The Duomo of Naples:

The Duomo was built some time from 1294 to 1323. Down the side of the nave (the central aisle) are monuments to many former rulers and has paintings by Renaissance artists. Inside the Duomo you will find the grizzly remains of San Gennaro, the protector of Naples, who was martyred in the 305CE. These include his head and vials with his preserved solid blood in it. There is a myth that 3 times a year it liquefies and if it doesn't liquefy Naples will have bad luck. Open: Daily


Catacombs of Naples:

The catacombs (underground burial grounds which were also used as hiding places by early Christians) were the original resting place of San Genarro (whose head and blood are now housed in the Duomo of San Genarro). A trip into these dark environs take you through two layers of catacomb that were decorated with mosaics and paintings in the 2nd Century CE.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli:

Since 1777 the archeological finds from excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum have been arranged in the late 16th century building. Mosaics, statues, murals, musical and surgical instruments and more fill the collection at Italy's most extensive collection of ancient artifacts.

Open: Wed-Mon 9am to 2pm

Admission: 12,000 L adults;

children 18 and under free.

Phone: 081-440-166

National Museum & Gallery of the Capodimonte:

This museum and gallery, one of Italy's finest, are housed in the 18th-century Capodimonte Palace, built in the time of Charles III and set in a park. The entire museum has many equisic artifacts, including the State Apartments downstairs. Room after room is devoted to gilded mermaids, Venetian sedan chairs, ivory carvings, a porcelain chinoiserie salon, tapestries, the Farnese armory, and a large glass and china collection.

Open: Tues-Sat 10am-1pm, Sun 9am-2pm.

Admission: 14,000 L adults;

children 8 and under free.

Phone: 081-744-1307

Carthusian Monastery, San Martino & National Museum, San Martino:

Magnificently situated on the grounds of the Castle Sant'Elmo, this museum was founded in the 14th century as a Carthusian monastery but fell into decay until the 17th century, when it was reconstructed by architects in the Neapolitan baroque style. The marble-clad church has a ceiling painting of the Ascension by Lanfranco in the nave along with 12 Prophets by Giuseppe Ribera. In the church treasury is Luca Giordano's ceiling fresco of the Triumph of Judith (1704) and Ribera's masterful Descent from the Cross. Next to the monastery is the star-shaped Castle Sant'Elmo, built by the Angevins in a strategic position above the city from 1329 to 1343. It was enlarged in the 16th century and today offers a magnificent 360° panorama of Naples and its bay.

Open: Tues-Sun 9am-2pm.

Admission: L 9,000

Phone: 081-578-1769