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"Monia, My wife and I are actually in Marbella, Spain this week, but we can assure you that all 8 of party thoroughly enjoyed our excursion with Daniele. He was both informative and entertaining. We will certainly recommend your services to our friends. Best regards and thank you for a great experience, Brian"
post Published by: Brian (USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:24:14 PM

"Hello Daniele I want to thank Driverinrome for a an experience beyond our expectations. Three out of the four travelers in our party had never been to Rome. Our driver Patrizio was so knowledgeable and pleasant to be with. He added so much more to our experience in Rome. We were in Rome on June 2nd and as you know that was a national holiday. Patrizo was able to get us to all the important places in Rome even though so many streets were closed off to traffic. Please let him know how much we appreciated all he did to make out visit to Rome so exceptional. I have attached a few photos of Patrizo and us on June 2nd. Again thanks for making our Rome visit so memorable. Ciao"

post Published by: Marylynn & Timothy (USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:18:42 PM

"Buon Giorno Daniele; Well, that is about the extent of my Italian. This time around. Dan, Lu-Ann and I just wanted to send a note to thank you for two of the most memorable days we have ever spent anywhere! (We were traveling as part of the Anderson party who you took excellent care of in Livorno on June 4 and Civitavecchia on June 12.)In spite of the fact that many of the museums were closed in Florence on Monday you took us places and showed us things that we are sure we never would have seen on a ship tour or on our own. One of the best memories we have of that day was the afternoon we spent with Luigi at Tenuta Torciano. We still cannot believe that we spent the afternoon at a Tuscan winery enjoying a wine appreciation course and a delicious, home made lunch. Our wine and olive oil DID survive the trip home to Canada in our luggage. We can't wait to share it with good friends. When we stepped off Brilliance in Civitavecchia on June 12 it was like seeing an old friend when we spotted you waiting on the pier!! Once again you had the day planned perfectly. You efforts to obtain VIP passes for The Vatican and the services of Lara as our guide were second to none!! Many people we spoke to on board said "
post Published by: Lee Lu-Ann Procte (Ayr, Canada) - 24 Jul 2008, 5:11:18 PM

" Dear Melaragno family; Hola!!! How are you? How is Remo????? I hope he is at home now and doing well.Wow what can I say, we are back now from an unforgetable vacation( a blessing) in part thanks to all of you. Starting from the moment we meet Remo at the airport, our stay at your house was wonderful.Thank you all for making us feel like family and at home. Remo; Thank you for everything!!! For taking us farther than the metro :) and picking us up in places that we shouldnt have been and ocassionally we were late opps... sorry Thank you for your patience! We felt very good with you and enjoy your company very much.You made us us feel like family. What makes me sad is that we didnt got to say goodbye in person and we didnt took a picture( I thought i had time for that). We wanted so much to hear you play the accordion. Our party!! I remember my conversation with you the night and the morning before we leave for the cruise.Its a lesson for all of and we all should learn to do the things at the moment when we can and not wait for tomorrow.You are ok and that its the most important thing. Now I have to go back to take a picture with you and hear you play the accordion.Or you can come to Puerto Rico now you have family here.Take care we send all our love and a big hug. Get well soon!!!! ok Joe??

Angela;Thank you for sharing your home with the Margarida's.Thank you for the cakes and the wonderful conversation and for being there for us even in a difficult time.Many blessings and 2 kisses for you. Love. Daniele and Monia; Thanks for sharing your house with us, for being there for us when your father couldnt , for the smiles. Daniele, we enjoy our night out even if it was through sign language. JA! Thats a language italians and puertorricans have in common.I wish we had more time to go back.A big hug for you. Now, familia,when you want you can come to PR, it will be a pleasure for us to show us our country and open the doors to our home for you.Now you have family in PR. I hope we can be all together again soon. Love; Los Margarida Nanette, Eugenio, Viviana, Cristian, Jaime, Ginnny,Ginita ySusanna "
post Published by: Nanette (san juan , Portorico) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:02:49 PM

"Monia - We had a wonderful vacation and a terrific cruise. Thanks for inquiring. We were quite pleased and extremely satisfied with your company. We would certainly recommend Driver-in-Rome to anyone interested in visiting Italy. Your drivers were informative and spoke English very well. Please send our regards to Giuseppe. Sincerely John"
post Published by: John (USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 4:53:17 PM

"Dear Monia and Daniele,We have finally gotten over the jet lag, tho we went back to work the morning after the flight home. I had decided when we left Rome I wanted to email you even before receiving your email. Our trip to Italy was fantastic and part of that was due to our excursions with your company and Daniele. He always tried to maximize our time, for example, checking in Florence the length of the wait to climb the Duomo, and finding us a better plan, to climb the Campanille instead. He extended the time of the tour in Rome to patiently find us a gelatto store, as I had heard we shouldn't miss the gelatto! Over and over he smoothly navigated us through difficulties without loosing his cool or hardly making us aware of them! We got to see almost all of the attractions, which is nearly impossible, as well as tasting the amazing authenic cuisine in 2 relaxed stree-free non-touristy locations, so we didn't feel like we were running all the time, without savoring the true essence and flavor of Italy...it's the savoring that you remember when you look back...the green of the plants around the outdoor restaurant, the local people enjoying their lunches around you, the great food. We will definitely refer people to you...Ilan, my husband, does cruise bookings for a travel agency and also I am sending your name to another American travel agent who we met in Venice, who was impressed at how we arranged all of our own tours online. And that is the other thing I want to commend you on: how easy it was to arrange everything in advance. Monia, you responded so thoroughly to any question I sent you...thanks so much for being so kind, as well as so professional. Love and Thanks...so happy for having been refered to you Stephanie Andersen"
post Published by: Stephanie Andersen (Rome, USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 4:47:29 PM

"Monia, I can't say enough good things about your company or our driver, Ottavio. It was so very nice to know that all we had to do was sit back and relax, enjoy the beautiful Italian countryside as it rolled passed on our way to our various Italian adventures. And Ottavio was very friendly, informative, and patient with all of us as we peppered him with questions. On Sunday, when we went to the Amalfi Coast, we encountered heavy traffic both going and coming back to Rome, but we truly did not mind at all. Ottavio, however, seemed a little upset for us and was very apologetic. Please assure him that we were not at all bothered by the traffic--it just gave us more time to enjoy the view. I will absolutely recommend DriverinRome to all my friends who travel to your beautiful (and very friendly) country. And I'll call again when I come back. Thanks so much. You offer a terrific service.

Pat Spratt "
post Published by: Pat Spratt (USA ) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 4:42:04 PM

"Hi Monia, After our wonderful trip we are settled back in at home. Our vacation was more than we could have imagined especially our time spent in Rome. We were so happy that we used your drivers. They (Andrea, Ottavio and Fabrizio) were excellent in every way. The drivers were considerate, polite, helpful, informative and had great personalities. There was nothing lacking. The drivers certainly know their history so while we were driving we learned about the sights, locals and residents of the area. All were fluent in English with good conversational skills. The drivers went out of their way to get us as close to our destinations as possible. We appreciate all of the efforts put forth by you, Daniele, Remo and all the others to make our visit so memorable. Thank you so much for the excellent service. We will definitely recommend Driver in Rome to others. Jim and Mary Tomaszewski"
post Published by: Jim and Mary (Grand Rapids, USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 4:31:20 PM

"Monia, As always, I have been pleased with the service and dependability of Driver in Rome. Whether its a tour of Rome or the long drive to Tuscany or Ravello, it has all been a pleasurable experience! Grazie and Chow, Terry Schwartz"
post Published by: Terry Schwartz (West Bloomfield, USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 4:23:36 PM

"Grazie Daniele Just a quick Thank You for the excellent service you provided in Florence and Rome on June 4 and 12. Your wit, sense of humor and knowledge of the sites we saw was second to none! With the museums closed in Florence your suggestion to visit Tenuta Torciano in the Tuscan country side was THE perfect way to spend an afternoon. We enjoyed the scenic drive and learned how to appreciate the fine wines of Italy. When we stepped off the ship a few days later in Civitavecchia and saw you waiting for us it was like seeing an old friend again. Once more you had planned the perfect day for our group. Lara proved to be a wonderful guide at The Vatican. From there to a hilltop for a panoramic view of Rome. Lunch in the shadow of the Colosseum. Followed by time to enjoy that site, The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, The Piazza and Gelatto! And the entire time you shared the stories and history of the areaDaniele, YOU made our visit a most memorable one. Grazie! "
post Published by: Lee and Lu-Ann (Ayr, Ontario, Canada) - 24 Jul 2008, 4:01:17 PM