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Monica – It worked out great for us! At the last minute, we had to revise our plans and the driver was very patient and understanding. He provided a lot of insight about the culture and living in Italy beyond just seeing the sights. Thanks for your inquiry…Paula Recchia

It was wonderful. We will certainly contact your company when we return.

post Published by: Brenda Jeffers - 1 Sep 2008, 3:10:18 PM
Daniele and Monia,

I like to share the good feedback I receive. Lila Edwards has been a client for a long time. They're cruising about 60 days this year.

You did good...as always!!!!

Merci Cantwell
post Published by: Merci Cantwell - 1 Sep 2008, 2:12:04 PM

www.driverinrome.com - Jennfier and I hired Daniele from DriverInRome on our honeymoon in September of 2003 for a daily excursion, not really a "transfer" per se.

We used Daniele for an excursion in Rome since Jennifer and I had both been to Rome before and we wanted a private tour of mostly the countryside (he did a hybrid of the official ship excursion descriptions). He picked us up at Civitavecchia, took us through the city for brief sightseeing (10 min. stop at Vatican for pictures, 5 min stop at Coliseum for pictures, 1 hour walk around at the Spanish steps & shops), then we spent the duration of the day in the countryside. He took us to an amazing restaurant with a wine cellar that was basically tunnels of catacombs below the restaurant at the top of the mountain where the Pope's summer palace is. We had lunch, he got us access to the wine cellar tunnels, and then we walked up to the little village/town square at the entrance to the Pope's palace (and had the best gelato up there we found anywhere in Italy). Then he drove us straight back to the ship at Civitavecchia.

When my sister Erin and her husband Scott went on their honeymoon in May/June of 2005, they hired him as well primarily for a transfer I think, but communications broke down and he didn't show up. He did apologize profusely when it happened and offered them an entire day excursion and transfers for free as compensation. I don't remember what they ended up doing...perhaps just used him for transport only.

I can't remember if my parents have hired them as well...maybe you remember?

post Published by: -Eric Kaufman (Los Angeles, California) - 1 Sep 2008, 1:48:39 PM

Sorry this is so late, but we have had a very busy year! We (the Eichenlaub family) and the Meinert family spent several wonderful days in Rome in November with Lucca as our guide and Manny as our driver.I cannot say what a great job they did. We have never used a guide before, as we usually prefer to explore on our own. This would not have worked well in Rome. There is so much to see and it is spread out over such a large area, that we would have spent too much valuable time just trying to get from one point to another. Lucca and Manny had everything planned out so that we saw everything that we wanted to see, and more.They were efficient in knowing quick and delicious places to stop for lunch, and packed so much into each day that we were amazed at how much we accomplished. It was so much better than being on a big tour and having to spend a lot of time waiting for people.It was also not as tiring having someone else handle the transportation.We could focus on the scenery and not have to busy ourselves with bus schedules, taxis, subways, or maps. Lucca's knowledge of Roman history and art was amazing and engaged everyone from the adults to the children. He could answer any question we asked!

I would highly recommend your services (and have)! Just our family then had Octavo drive us to Florence vis Sienna and Orvieto.Again,we saw so much that we would have missed. He took us to the top of both cities, something that we would not have been able to do had we rented a car. Finally, the walking tour of Florence was a great orientation and made us well acquainted so that we knew a lot of little details and a grand overview of the city that made our remaining days there enjoyable.

From the friendly and knowledgeable guides to the engaging tours to the efficient use of time, I would highly suggest using your company.We would never have been able to do or see as much on our own.Now we are back in the States, missing the beautiful culture, food, wine, and people of Italy!

Thanks for everything!

Barbara Eichenlaub
post Published by: Barbara Eichenlaub - 1 Sep 2008, 1:14:18 PM

We have long been home (November) from our visit to Florence and Rome and I have been meaning to write and thank-you for your services. Your/our drivers were fabulous especially our driver/guide in Rome. What an amazing tour we enjoyed. He seemed to know everything about the history and streets of Rome. We felt that we got to see so much more than we would have if we had tried to do it on our own or with the cruise excursion. Since we were traveling with our 88 year old mother, it was the absolute right decision! I thank you for all of your advice and coordination. We also enjoyed our tour guide at the Vatican. He too was a joy to spend time with and whizzed us through lines with ease and grace! His knowledge of the art and history were also amazing! You truly know how to pick them and as an employer, I know how hard that can be!

We will not only use your services again but we will send everyone we know your way!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debbie Pell, The Tyree and Mott families!
post Published by: Debbie Pell - 1 Sep 2008, 12:53:29 PM
Sorry not to have replied earlier!

We enjoyed our visit to Rome very much, though we found it to be extraordinarily expensive!

Unfortunately I was sick for a couple of days also, which did not help.

The highlight of our visit was the time spent with your guide. She was compassionate, knowledgeable and most helpful. In retrospect it might not have been necessary for us to use your services at this time of the year but I was most concerned that my wife should get as much as possible out of her visit. And she did. Absolutely no complaints about your service. We got what we asked for and were promised, and it was provided in a timely and efficient manner, for which many thanks.

PS Through a misunderstanding with my wife we gave the guide less that she deserved, for which I apologise
post Published by: Roger H. Mayall - 1 Sep 2008, 12:37:42 PM
Hello Monia! It was great to get your message and I apologize for not answering sooner but you know how it is, we are SO busy these days it is crazy! We got back form our trip, then had a wedding to go to and then drove 3 days to the southern part of the USA for a month, then home to Canada for the holiday season and we go back to the USA on Monday, so we have not put our feet down for long!

What can we say, our experience with your company and particularly Paolo was nothing short of outstanding! It is hard to put into words just how satisfied we were. We are all convinced the private tours are the only way to see the ports, no question! We can’t believe how lucky we were to find out about Driver in Rome as our days were simply the best. Paolo was so very knowledgeable and our group clicked with him immediately, or at least we thought we did! (we hope he feels the same!) He made our day so interesting, so informative and stress free that we will sure be telling everyone that we know about using your company when they travel to Italy! Of course Rome was my favorite port and I am in love with Europe in general! Can’t wait to come back and call you for Paolo, he is the best in my mind. Your vehicle was also great and I would also like to compliment our day in Florence, it was super as well with Manny.

The drivers were so great and on time and at our disposal to stop for extras like espresso and snacks and the toilets! Very important! Thanks again for your attention to our needs, I can’t say enough about your professionalism and we do appreciate the follow up contact. You obviously care about your clients and your business! Way to go! We hope to call on you in the future as we are all definitely coming back to Italy, Happy New Year and all the best in 2008!

Warm regards to you as well, Marilyn

post Published by: Marilyn - 1 Sep 2008, 12:17:58 PM
Hello Monia,

Thank you for checking in on us. We had a lovely time on all our excursions with your company. All of our drivers were very good, but we especially liked Paolo on our last day. He was top notch at pointing things out to us and suggesting other sites for us to see.

My parents particularly enjoyed our tour of the Sistine Chapel - we give very high marks to Stephanie, our guide. We also thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Pompeii. Sorrento and Positano were a little too cold, windy, and hilly to enjoy.

If the opportunity presents itself, we will use your company again. I have also told several people I've met that Driver In Rome is a good choice for private tours.
post Published by: Susan Inger - 31 Aug 2008, 12:43:16 PM
Good morning Monia,

Thank-you for your message. I was going to drop you a note to tell you what an absolute pleasure it was to spend the day with Giuseppe. He was both knowledgeable and entertaining. We will certainly be contacting you during any future visits and will recommend you to friends and family. Thank-you for a wonderful experience.
post Published by: Judy Polstra - 31 Aug 2008, 12:15:56 PM
Hi Monia

I was going to email you when we got back home even before I saw your email. We were extremely happy with the tour. The driver, Patrick (I hope that was his name because right now everything is starting to blend in together) was very friendly, informative and a pleasant individual. From the information that he gave us it was clear that he was extremely knowledgeable of ancient Rome.

I was afraid that we would miss the tour because our luggage decided to take a side trip to Frankfort, Germany. Of course we did not know this for about 30 minutes and by the time we had reported this to the American Airlines representative and filled out the required paperwork we were well past the scheduled pick up time. When we walked outside the terminal we saw the driver with our name. To be truthful he was a welcomed sight.

I am glad that we had the time to visit your beautiful city and that we that we selected DriverInRome for the tour. This tour will be one of the ones that we will always remember.

We have talked to our travel agents and have highly recommended your tour and we will recommend you to anybody that will be visiting your beautiful country.

Thank you and tell Patrick that we said Hi.
post Published by: Dennis Waite - 31 Aug 2008, 11:58:55 AM