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The Only Way To See Rome

Very simple , you have 48 hours to cancel or the full amount will be charged. Our staff is highly responsive , you can expect quick answers to your questions .Once a decision has been made, reservations can be done through a protected secure page very easy to use. If you are doing a shore excursions you can save up to 50 % compared to she ships excursions. Driverinrome has all necessary permits released from the gioverment to chaffeur the pubblic .All the vehicles are fully insured for 2,5 million $ per trip.

the only way to see rome

By Cliff & Nancy Hollenbeck

Rome's beautiful Colosseum at night "Rome was not built in a day," locals and tour guides are frequently heard telling visitors. Stand anywhere in this magnificent city and you will be overwhelmed by the vastness of its architecture, history and religion. Embodied by 3000 years of creative innovation and growth, visitors find Rome to be a massive open-air museum, surrounded by some of the best art, food, wine and fashion found anywhere in the world. And, it certainly wasn't built in a day.

Since the very beginning, residents of Rome have voiced captivating phrases to describe their extraordinary city. Some of the more popular still include: The Eternal City, Threshold of the Apostles, Capital of the world and City of the Seven Hills. Today, it is a modern cosmopolitan city with the heart of Renaissance artist. Home to gods, kings, emperors, popes and famous artisans, Rome has seen just about everything the world has to offer, and it has helped create a great deal of things enjoyed by the rest of the world.

Every one of these descriptive phrases is true. Rome is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. As a result, it's also one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Tourists quickly discover that it takes a lot more than a day's bus tour to see even a few of the more popular highlights. There is simply too much, and too many people trying to see everything. Rome will fatigue even the most seasoned travelers in a matter of hours.