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"Monia, Our trip was absolutely wonderful. Part of the reason it was so special was because I had arranged to use Driverinrome while in Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Naples instead of booking shore excursions through the cruise line. Instead of being herded like cattle on a 40-45 passenger bus, we rode in an air conditioned van which could navigate through the small city streets in Florence, and Rome, to places the buses could not travel. Our tour guide in Pisa and Florence, John, was outstanding and did an incredible job. He was professional, knowledgeable, and most accommodating to our requests while he drove us throughout the city. We were astounded to find that we had reservations for the Academia Museum which enabled us to circumvent the lines and enter the museum to see the exquisite statue of David. In Rome other individuals on our ship walked for nearly 1/2 hour to reach Vatican City, while our driver, Patrick, dropped off right adjacent to the Vatican Square and we were afforded the incredible opportunity to see Pope Benedict speaking to the crowd at noon on Sunday. What an awesome experience. We are not Roman Catholic, but we were in awe of being in such a holy place and hearing the Pope offer the blessing in our language. Other individuals, which we spoke to on the ship, did not have the opportunity to see the Pope while on tour with the ship excursions. While in Naples we were driven by your driver to Pompeii where our group of 5 met a guide who proceeded to escort us throughout the ruins and explain to us the fascinating facts about the city. We would strongly suggest that others take the opportunity to use your company. If individuals really want to see the sites, learn the history, and have the opportunity to experience Italy on a more personal note, this is the way to do so. Again, thank you for your excellent communications and assistance in making our trip a wonderful experience.

Roxanne and Greg Myers Judy and Dallas Ferrel Pete Grote "
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"A big thank you to all the Melaragno family Remo, Angela, Daniele and Monia.We stayed at their B&B and they made us feel like family and at home.It was an unforgettable experience! We miss you already . Many blessing to you all!! Your puertorrican family; Los Margarida"
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"We had the good fortune to secure Driver-in-Rome as car service on our recent trip to Italy. It was an excellent choice. Their drivers were professional, informative, well mannered and most importantly, very entertaining. Their command of English clearly overshadowed my Italian! I highly recommend Driver-in-Rome and most certainly would use them again."
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"Ciao to all the wonderful drivers and guides that showed us all the beautiful sights and tastes of Italy. We loved Daniele and his incredible knowledge of Rome and for getting us in to places we dreamed we'd never see and for bypassing so many lines. And also for beng so accomodating with the addition of an extra person on some tours. We adored Nello and his fantastic tour of Pompeii and Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. We loved his pink linen suit too!!! Angela and Miguel went out of their way to take us to the village my father's family came from in Falaga/Prizzi 1 1/2 hours outside of Palermo and we even got to meet a long lost cousin who had the same name as our grandmother Antonina Dino. What a day!!! So worth the trip!!! Angela we'll be back for a full tour Sicily. Ramona was a great guide and full of interesting facts and jokes from Lucca to Pisa. All of the reccomended resturants we ate at were fabulous. We especially enjoyed the feast in Sicily. Thank you all for making our trip to Italy a trip of a lifetime. Grazie The Whitney, Cherubino and LoCascio Families"
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What a fabulous time we had on our excursions from Rome with our driver, Ottavio. We'll be back, and we'll call you to set up more trips. Thanks so much.
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" Hello,I want to let you know what a a great time we had with your drivers and guides. Your driver and Daniel picked us up at the airport and started an unbelievable trip.We had the best time in Rome w/Daniel and Naples w/Ramos (spelling?) Just wanted to thank your for everything. I have a client that I need to talk to and firm it up and email you probably later today. Thanks Again Cindy McKeehan McGeary's Travel"
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"Hi Monia, Yes we got home safely after a long flight. We were very pleased with your service. The drivers were prompt and show us points of interest along the way. Of course some other guy picked us up at the airport and it was only later when Daniele called our hotel that I realized it was not you folks. But it was not your fault and it all worked out fine. I certainly would recommend you folks to others and will contact you next time we in the Rome area. Best Regards, Dave Smithers"
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"Dear Monia,Laura was a very good and dependable driver. She told us about different regions as we drove through them and was truly a delight. Our schedule was tight which was why we ended up using your service and it was worth it! Grazie, and we hope to visit your beautiful country again. The Post Family"
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"Hi Monia, Everything was WONDERFUL! Having a private driver there take us around was the best. I will recommend you to all of my clients going to Europe. My only regret is that we did not book you in Sicily and chose to do our own thing. We didn't see hardly a thing - and I really wanted to see that Volcano. Oh well. Next time! Remo and Danielle were the best. We had so much fun at the resturant in Posatano & it was great they were so reliable. Daniele gave us a phone for a bit on our tour - that was helpful, too. The vans were comfortable. I really liked it when the guys dropped us off someplace and told us to meet him at a certain place at a certain time. Their timing was perfect. You can tell you have experience and have done this a time or two!! :)And thanks so much up front with helping us set this up and where to go, etc. I appreciated you taking the time to answer all my questions!It was the best and I shared that with the cruise line as well! Thanks again! We'll be calling again!

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