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"In 2003, I first used and then recommended to this group the services of Daniele of Driver In Rome, This was my first trip back to Italy since then and my first opportunity to again use his services and he did not disappoint. I felt like I really put Daniele to the test this time as I had 44 people arriving over a period of two days on multiple flights. Many in the group had flight delays of several hours, but Daniele still coordinated everything so that everyone was met at the airport accordingly. The majority of the group arrived on 7/11 within a couple of hours of each other and Daniele had a motorcoach waiting for us that first took us to St. Peter's Basilica before taking us to Domus Sessoriana. I again used Driver in Rome on 7/13 for transportation to the Vatican Museum and then to the cruise ship. I had pre-arranged a tour directly with the Vatican for my group, but there were some details that needed to be taken care of upon our arrival and Daniele basically took over and made sure that everything ran smoothly. I cannot say enough good things about Daniele and his company and I recommend him now as highly as I did back in 2003. Daniele did say that he now has approximately 60 Cruise Planners agents who have contacted him. He also said that he is receiving business from other travel agencies such as Cruise One and I told him to remember that Cruise Planners should always come first! He is also now doing some business with independent tour companies such as Port Promotions. By the way, I asked Daniele if I could bring him anything from the U.S. and he said that he loves our chips, particularly Doritos, and he was truly appreciative of the four bags I brought to him. He also said that he collects baseball caps and he seemed to really appreciate the ones I brought him (Chicago Cubs, Indy 500, and Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.)

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Our cruise ended yesterday and we arrived back in the U.S. last night. Driver in Rome did a fantastic job with all of the arrangements for my group in Rome. I first used Driver in Rome in 2003 and I was so pleased with the services then that I referred Daniele to many of our other Cruise Planners agencies and I am so happy to hear that many of our agencies are now using your services.
post Published by: Carleen Peaper (USA) - 26 Jul 2008, 6:12:54 PM
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Monia, we were very pleased with our driver and the entire experience. We were able to see all of the major sites and many things we did not even know about. He was able to help us get into the Vatican with no wait at all. The most enjoyable part of the experience was the drivers kindness and sincerity and sense of humor. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends. Thank you for your help. Allen Pearce
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Thank you for thinking of us. We did arrive home safely but are very sad that we had to come home. Everything that your company had done for our group was done at the highest level of service. Your drivers were exceptional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. You can be sure that in the future, we will again use Driver in Rome for our needs, and I will also keep you email address and recommend you to anyone that I know that is going to Italy. Again thank you for everything and send my regards to your drivers.

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Thank you for your inquiry about our day in Pisa and Florence spent with Fabrizio, or as he said he is known in the company, Fritz. He was marvelous. We could not have ask for a better experience. His knowledge of the area and the history involved made for a most informative and culturally inspiring day. We saw so much more than we ever would have on our part of the cruise ship excursion. Yes, it is a little expensive, but since we don't know when we will get back, it was certainly worth it. I have passed your name and web address on to our travel agent who was most interested in being able to contact you in the future after I told her what a great experience I had. I gave her Fabrizio's name and chances are you will hear from her.

Thanks, again, Monia for a wonderful day!

Tom & Delinda Kennington"
post Published by: Tom & Delinda Kenn (USA) - 26 Jul 2008, 4:36:15 PM

"Hi Monia! We're home, safe and sound, thank you! We had a wonderful time. Giuseppe was FABULOUS as a host in Rome and we couldn't be more pleased with Ewan.

Thank you!
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"Ciao Monia !

I want you to know how happy we were with your drivers and car service during our trip in the northern part of Italy !

They were very professional and helpful and very good drivers. We felt very comforable and safe with the transportation you provided,especially with our family group of nine including 4 teenagers!Thank you for your exellent prompt service ! You will be recommended highly in the future.

Thanks again !!!

Fondest regards,

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25/07/2007 "I have finally found my information and wanted to send a belated THANK YOU to you and your wonderful staff for all the assistance you provided for our one day excursion in Rome, July 27, 2006. We met your wonderful and professional representative in Civitavecchia, as we departed the Norwegian Cruise Line. The young gentleman made my daughters (ages 20 and 17 at the time), my husband and I feel very welcome and was extremely helpful with suggestions regarding itinerary flow, dining, etc.

I had used two other tour companies throughout the cruise, and your company was the most impressive. The day we spent in Rome with Driver in Rome was the most memorable part of the trip! Thank you again for your attention to detail; knowledgeable, professional and engaging guides.

We will definitely use you next time we are visiting, and I have taken the liberty of referring your company to friends as well.


Jan Stout
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25/07/2007 "To all at Driver in Rome.

We had a great time and your drivers (Alberto in Pisa/Florence and Alessandro in Rome) were superb.

We were glad to see Manuel in Livorno port to tell us our driver was stuck in traffic, but he kept us informed until he got there. They drives were relaxing and the drivers were very knowledgeable about everything we saw. Could not imagine how much territory we covered and they still were able to get us back to the ports early when we asked them to. We will highly recommend your company to our friends and hope to one day return to Italy and contact your company again for the fine service you supplied. When we get our photos together, we will send them. Mille grazie a tutti !!!!

Marie, Robert, & Marlana LaCivita

Billy Markowitz"
post Published by: Marie Robert Marko (USA) - 26 Jul 2008, 3:37:15 PM