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Monia: Thank Remo & Danielle for arranging safe, courteous and prompt travel for my family to Sorrento, Avellino and back to Rome. Once again our experience was terrific our only disappointment was we did'nt have the opportunity to meet Remo or Danielle on this trip. Arriverdici
post Published by: Nicola DeSantis (Congers, NY USA) Email - 29 Jul 2008, 4:31:35 PM

"We just returned from our cruise and would like to thank you for your help and attention. Our drivers, Alfonso, Fabritzio and Gianmaria were excellent. I would like to especially note Gianmaria for his gentle manner and caring nature. They were all kind, full of knowledge and especially helpful to my husband who sustained a severe sprained ankle coming down the Acropolis. Also of note was their terrific driving skills on the Amalfi Coast and the small and crowded streets of Rome and Florence We will definitely recommended your company and hope to use your services again in the future. Thank you, The Saffan Family "
post Published by: The Saffan Family (Rockville USA) - 29 Jul 2008, 4:23:13 PM

"Bonnie, I can't thank you enough for suggesting Driver in Rome to us for our trip! They were everything that you said and more!! They tried so hard to please in every way. We had Manny, Daniele, J'Seppy and of course Remo as well as some others, but they were all great!. I didn't realize until our last day that Remo & Daniele are the owners. So you really get VIP treatment when you get the owners. Remo even played his organette , or squeezebox as he said we would call it, on the bus our last trip from Rome back to ship. We used them for all our transfers and excursions in Rome, Naples & Florence. We wished they operated in Greece and Turkey , we would have used them there as well. Thanks again - all our group (28) seemed very pleased with them Stay in touch, Doris"
post Published by: Doris Mash (USA) Email - 29 Jul 2008, 4:13:12 PM

"Dear Monia, Sorry for the delay in responding to your email. We used your drivers four times throughout our trip and we were very pleased with every driver. Every driver was always on time and early actually. We never had to wait or worry that something went wrong with the scheduled plan. The drivers were all very personable and helpful. Our first driver picked us up from the airport on May 17 and took us to our hotel. Unfortunately I do not remember his name as we were tired after the long flight. He was very nice pointing things out to us as we drove. Our second driver picked us up on May 20th at our hotel and took us to the Vatican for the Papal blessing and the cruise terminal. When he picked us up we had about an hour before the Papal blessing so he asked us what we had seen during our stay in Rome and made a point of stopping at several places we had not yet been to. This was very appreciated and unexpected. He was very informative. We enjoyed our time with him. Our third driver was Jean Marie (spelling?). He was our driver for the day in Florence and Pisa. What a wonderful day we had and it was all because of Jean Marie. My husband and I were traveling with our 19yo daughter Mary Kate and her friend Christa. The girls got along so well with Jean Marie and Christa actually rode up front with him in the van all day. He was great fun and very informative. We saw so much that day! We had a great lunch with him in Florence. This was our favorite day of the whole trip. I hope you will pass our comments on to Jean Marie. We wished we could have had him with us for the rest of the trip. Our fourth driver was Gino. He was our driver in Naples, Sorrento and Positano. What a challenge for any driver on those roads but Gino was expert at driving. He took us to a beautiful spot for lunch in Positano which we thoroughly enjoyed. He was very helpful in finding us a shopping area for some last minute gifts. He was enjoyable. Thank you very much for providing us with dependable, informative and enjoyable drivers. Using your company enhanced our trip tremendously and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others or to use you ourselves again in the future. Nancy and Michael Fitzgerald "
post Published by: Nancy Michael (USA) Email - 29 Jul 2008, 4:03:23 PM

"Dear Monia, My family was so impressed with "
post Published by: Stacey Metuchen (US) - 29 Jul 2008, 3:55:10 PM

"Monia, Everything about our transfers went exactly as planned and could not have been better. I will absolutely use Drive in Rome when next we visit your beautiful country. Thanks again for everything and I especially appreciate how you were able to accommodate our last minute request for a tour of Rome."
post Published by: ross arrowsmith (usa) - 29 Jul 2008, 3:46:49 PM

"Hi Monia !! We are safely back at home. Our day with your driver, was so wonderful. Paolo (not sure how he spells his name !) was so much fun and we all just found him exceptional. I have recommended your company to others on Cruise Critic. He took very good care of us and we had to brag to everyone on the ship that our driver knew exactly when the best time was to take us to the vatican .......therefore avoiding the horrible lines we saw that morning !!! He dropped us off and we were in the Vatican in 10 minutes !! Everywhere we went, he made sure he dropped us off and picked us up where the walking was minimum. He was outstanding!"
post Published by: Dale (Charlton USA) Email - 29 Jul 2008, 3:37:23 PM

"hi monia it was very good everything and ontime. i have an agency in mexico and i will certainly recommend you thank you nina"
post Published by: Nina Moric (Mexico) Email - 29 Jul 2008, 3:30:44 PM

"Dear Monia, Please, let me thank you for everything. We had a great time and your services and attentions were perfect, and much appreciated. I will definitely refer your company to my friends and others. Thank you. Roxanne "
post Published by: Roxanne (USA) Email - 29 Jul 2008, 3:20:01 PM

"Monia, Sent you the following on the day we got back: We were met by Patrick right on time. Thank you very much for sending him our way. The tour was wonderful and we obviously could never have seen as much of Rome without him. Other than fighting the lines for the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum we did everything we wanted. Hopefully, we'll do a cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean in the next couple of years and if it departs or returns to Rome we will call you for another tour and request Patrick again. Thanks once more for providing us with a perfect conclusion for our trip. I'll add a couple of things. We were unsure of how to get tickets to avoid the long lines at the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. We don't feel like our tour was compromised at all since we were able to see so much but you might consider whether it would be possible to help people get advance tickets at a certain time along the tour when they could be dropped off and then picked up later. Again, this is not a criticism in any way; just an idea. One of the things that Patrick did which made the tour much more informative was to take us through Rome roughly in chronological order. I've studied Roman history and knew what he was talking about but seeing the artifacts and ruins in order was much more informative for me and for my wife who does not have the background in Roman history that I have. Patrick's knowledge is excellent and his communication skills are personable and articulate. Thanks again. Well definitely refer people to you and have also told our travel agent how good your services were. Dan Baker"
post Published by: Dan Baker (USA) - 29 Jul 2008, 3:10:28 PM