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Hi, again I want to thank you for your services. We had Walter in Pisa and he was wonderful! He took us to a fabulous Vineyard too! I'm ready to move to Tuscany!
post Published by: Judy Ennis - 27 Sep 2008, 8:04:27 PM
Hi Monia,

we are still on the road.. The trip with Remo was GREAT!! I will most certainly send a referral,once we are settled back home.. Please give our regard to Remo.. thank you..
post Published by: stefano perrotti - 27 Sep 2008, 7:49:17 PM
Monica -

I just wanted to tell you that we were shown a wonderful day by Joe!!He was so informative and friendly and took us exactly where we wanted to go in the time frame we had. As a matter of fact, the 4 of us agreed that the day spent with him was our favorite stop on the cruise.

I would not hesitate to recommend your service, or Joe in particular as a driver, to friends or acquaintances who may be going to Rome.Thanks again for choosing Joe for us and making it a day of wonderful memories.
post Published by: Madelyn Bernstein - 27 Sep 2008, 7:29:38 PM
We are continuing to travel but our time in Rome and Florence with your

Driver was wonderful. We will recommend you to all our friends and let

Merci Cantwell, our travel agent know how pleased we were with your service.
post Published by: Lila Edwards - 27 Sep 2008, 6:16:06 PM
You know Avery and I had a ball. I enjoyed the prompt and and professional service given to us. With the bread and breakfast, we felt like being at home. We had a great tour in a short time and were well rested upon arrival on return to the USA. Again, for my off peak experience we got VIP all the way. I have given your information to many of my clients and friends. Best regards to Daniel and the young one on the way, congrats.
post Published by: Abraham Woods - 27 Sep 2008, 5:56:33 PM
What a WONDERFUL experience we had with DRIVERINROME! Right from the onset, with the email correspondence with you, through your helpful suggestions, to the drivers/guides, it was easy and a pleasure to work with. We were so luck to first have Constantino in Livorno. He is a very knowledgeable guide, the perfect gentleman and very friendly. He was always just where he said he would be, gave us interesting history of the region as well as commentary on what we were going to see, and made wonderful suggestions on not only what to do/see in Florence, but also in Rome the next day. He also took us to an "out of the way" restaurant in a residential district in Florence for lunch. Not only was the food wonderful, but we were the only non-Italians there!

The next day we had the FANTASTIC team of Luca and Luca. We didn't think anyone could top or meet our expectations after Constantino, so we were so pleasantly surprised at how great a job they did too. We were all so pleased at how much of Rome we saw on the "Best of Rome" tour, and were amazed that we saw all that in just a few hours! We are so glad we went with DRIVERINROME for this excursion, too, because we never would have been able to see and do what we did if we had been on one of the Cruise line tours, in a bus. The small van enabled us to be dropped off right around the corner from the sights. Then Luca #1 (to keep them straight) would tell us where to go and when and where to meet the bus, and at the exact appointed time, Luca #2 would be there with the bus, with Luca #1 waiting for us. Luca #1 got us into the Sistene Chapel, through all the crowds, as well as to the crypts. We were able to concentrate on spending more time at the major sights, e.g., the Colesseum and St. Peter's, and then use our remaining time to efficiently and effectively see the other "not-to-be-missed" sights that didn't take as much time or attention (e.g., the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Circus Maximus, etc.).

We also loved the local restaurant, Romulus and Remus, that Luca #2 suggested for lunch. We appreciated both Lucas dining with us and Luca #2's recommendations of food (we took them all, and we all agree it was some of the best food we ever tasted!)

In conclusion, we could not have asked for a better experience than DRIVERINROME. We will definitely use your company again when we return to Italy (and we have to, since we threw our coins in the Trevi Fountain!).

The Franklin Family
post Published by: - 21 Sep 2008, 3:19:05 PM
Hi Daniele and Remo - Just wanted to thank you for helping to make our time in Italy truly fantastic! Not only did we enjoy the great job you did picking out what we should see, driving us around, and providing great background information about evertyhing, we very much appreciated the delightful conversation and getting to know you. We certainly will get in touch should we ever return to Italy and will recommend you highly to any friends we have that are travelling there as well.

Warm regards,

Jo Ivester and Family
post Published by: Jo Ivester - 19 Sep 2008, 6:51:21 PM
Hi Manny

Thanks for a superb tour of Rome from the Summit on Thursday 4th September.

You enabled us to see just about everything we wanted, we were exhausted but happy after the tour.

Regards, Dave & Rhian, UK
post Published by: Dave & Rhian (UK) Email Website - 11 Sep 2008, 11:03:16 AM

Just waned to let you know that we had such a great time in Italy and your drivers really took care of us. We saw so much more than what we would of on a tour bus. It was great. We will see you again.
post Published by: Tracy Livian (Italy) Email - 5 Sep 2008, 9:41:56 PM

My family and I had a great time during our visit to Italy. Vincio picked us up at the airport and took us on a tour of Rome before bringing us to our cruise ship. Vincio was informative and friendly. Constantino did a fabulous job with us touring Florence and Pisa. He knew the ins and outs of the city and gave us great tips. We will definitely recommend your company to others. Thanks for making our trip to Italy memorable.

The Madigans
post Published by: Jill Madigan (Orange, CT) Email - 2 Sep 2008, 11:36:35 PM