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We were VERY HAPPY with DRIVERINROME. The drivers were

prompt, friendly, helpful and knew their subject matter.

The drive from the airport was fun and the driver made Rome come to life for us.

The day we spent with Paulo on the 8 hour tour was truly an adventure the 6 of us will never forget. We have so many fond memories of that day.

Even the drive to the ship for the cruise was exciting.

And finally, when the trip was over, a well mannered and

smiling driver picked us up at the ship and got us to the airport relaxed and with plenty of time to check-in.

We all say BRAVO!!! to DRIVERINROME. We will GLADLY recommend your services to anyone we know that will be touring through Italy and beyond.

Thank you our friends!!!!
post Published by: Phil & Maria Simon (New Jersey, U.S.A) - 27 Dec 2008, 2:19:17 PM
We had a great time in Rome, although time was short. Driverinrome made the best use of our time. Drivers were very good and on time. Remo and family are terrific.
post Published by: BOB & ELEANOR HAMM (Palm Desert, CA. USA) - 27 Dec 2008, 1:51:18 PM
Driver in Rome did an outstanding job for us in Naples, Rome, and Florence. Without exception, our guides were friendly and knowledgable. They couldn't have done a better job figuring out where to take us, how to get us there, and sharing fascinating tidbits of information about everything we were seeing. If we ever return, we'll definitely work with them again.
post Published by: Jo (USA) - 25 Dec 2008, 6:12:01 PM
I used Driver In Rome for a group of 27 people that were cruising with me. We used them in Naples, Rome , Pisa and Florence. We had wonderful tours at all three locations.

Remo you are the best and you are so caring and warm--we had a great time with you. Ramona was our guide for Pisa and Florence and she was delightful. I would commend this company for any tours in Italy they do a great job. You get what you ask for and more!

Thank you again and I hope to see you all soon!
post Published by: gypsy Hummel (Salt Lake city Utah) - 25 Dec 2008, 12:05:27 PM
We had a great time in Rome, although time was short. Driverinrome made the best use of our time. Drivers were very good and on time. Remo and family are terrific.
post Published by: BOB & ELEANOR HAMM (Palm Desert, CA. USA) - 25 Dec 2008, 11:49:46 AM
Daniele and Remo - another great trip to Rome thanks f to your Company - the tours and transport around the city were great - every pick up on time - good prices - excellent service!!
post Published by: Peter Sanborne - 24 Dec 2008, 7:43:17 PM
Thank you so much for your services in Rome. Roberto was our driver and he was excellent on our June 19 Rome tour. On our first visit to Europe, he graciously answered all of our questions about Rome and even questions about the Italian way of life. When we asked his opinion, he suggested an excellent and reasonable little restaurant near St. Peter's Basilica for lunch. Polite, courteous, and genuinely friendly. It would have been impossible to have seen as much of Rome on a cruise ship excursion as we did with Roberto driving us. Roberto drove us to as much as possible for a whirlwind one-day tour of Rome. Thank you again - we will gladly recommend you to all that we know who are planning a trip or cruise to Italy. It might seem a bit pricey to some given the exchange rate of Euros/Dollars but it is money well spent if you want to see as much as possible.
post Published by: Louis/Karen Prunes (Houston, Texas) - 24 Dec 2008, 7:19:45 PM
Remo -

Thanks so much for the wonderful tours when we docked in both Naples and Rome in early May. Having you personally show us the Naples area was a highlight - not to mention Luigis! We still think thsi was teh best meal we had on our two week tour. I hope you are doing better after the loss of your mother. We will always look back at our brief time spent with you in Italy with great fondess. If ever in Dallas - give us a Shout!
post Published by: Raz - 24 Dec 2008, 7:01:05 PM
My clients are very pleased with the service, knowledge and wonderful drivers that Driverinrome provide. Clients would use driverinrome again and recommend them to their friends as well
post Published by: Randy Katz - 24 Dec 2008, 6:27:04 PM
Ciao Daniele!

Our recent visit to Italy just would not have been nearly as enjoyable without the superior service that you and Lisa provided for me and my group. It is evident that both of you are extremely knowledgeable and proud of your hometowns Rome & Pisa.

As far as our tour of Rome, you did a phenomenal job of ensuring we made the most of our four hours together. We were able to do in a half day what most people are lucky to accomplish in two - and it was not rushed in the least. My group had a blast and we really appreciate your sense of humor - over the last two weeks I would often hear reckless pedestrians being referred to as "organ donors" by someone in my group.

I can't thank you enough for going out of your way to help my Mom with her Colloseum/Forum/Pantheon ticket issues and she sends her profuse thanks. Our time with you at the start of our trip in Rome set the perfect tone for a fabulous vacation.

We were hoping to see you again in Florence and were briefly disappointed when Lisa met us at the pier. Our grief was shortlived as we quickly warmed to her - she was so friendly and a great driver. She definitely knows her way around Tuscany and quite a bit about the area. Although the museums were closed, Lisa guided and helped us successfully fill our day with alternate sights, activities and some terrific shopping.

I help plan and manage events professionally so I have a great deal of experience in working with drivers and tour companies. I would give Driver in Rome an A+ rating for price, courtesy and service. I hope to return to your beautiful country again soon.


post Published by: laura (Charlotte, NC USA) - 24 Dec 2008, 6:01:52 PM