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Dear Daniele, we just got back from our cruise. I wanted to e-mail you to let you know that we were extremely happy with your 2 tours in Italy. In Florence, you allowed us to tailor a tour that would allow all 8 people to see the best sights that each person wanted and gave each person an opportunity to go on their own and meet the group at a predetermined meeting sight. I got many great comments on how that made the tour better for each person. I wanted art and the Ufizzi, others who didn't want art went to visit or shop. This turned out really well. In Naples, we were able to do as many places as time allowed on the Amalfi Coast and still have enough time to do Pompeii. Your drivers were great and allowed us to be flexible to see what we wanted. The two groups really enjoyed the tours and I would recommend your tour company to anyone who was interested. I found your tour company from a group of many on the internet. After going over with several tour companies what I wanted, you were the only tour company that suggested that we not do Pompeii first and do the Amalfi Coast due to traffic that would build up from others coming back from the Amalfi Coast. You also were willing to work with us on price which helped me work it out with people I just met on the Internet. All in all, I was very pleased with your tour company and the drivers you provided for us. Thank you very much. I talk to many people and I will definitely recommend your company to other people interested in touring in Italy.
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Monia, we absolutely had the most wonderful experience of our life with your services for our very first trip to the Mediterranean. Our stories of our travels have already included questions about how we were able to arrange our private driving tours and we have passed on the information to other possible customers. I wish your company continued success and we will certainly contact you in the future if our plans bring us back. I pray that we will return to the gorgeous land of Italy and other locations that we have yet to see. Gratias!
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Hello Monia, our group of 8 loved the tours with Daniele. My wife and I toured with Daniele in 2005 and that is why we can back. We enjoyed having one day in the city and one day in the countryside. Helping to harvest the grapes was a real treat for us. I told Daniele I would sent pictures from our day in the country. Please see the attached pictures. We have other friends who will be travelling to Italy in the near future and we will be sure to recommend Driver in Rome and on cruise Critic. There are two pictures of the roof near the pool that Daniele took with my camera and asked me to send them to him. Many thanks again
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I was going to email you to tell you what a wonderful time we had. Paolo, our driver in Rome was great. We saw everything we wanted to and more. The tour guides at the Colliseum (Valeria??) and the Vatican Museum (Monica) were outstanding. Given the limited time we had in Rome everyone got the job done. We were thrilled! We could never have seen all that we did without Paolo to take us around. Roberto, in Florence, was extremely accommodating. He took us through the wine and olive region first. We had a wonderful view overlooking Florence. We started at Santa Croce, then Roberto picked up our advance tickets to see David at the Galleria. He was right outside the door when we finished. He took us around to see some of the sights in town and then dropped us off at a square, where he waited for us. We went our separate ways because we all wanted to do different things. Roberto was there to pick us up at the appointed time and took us to Pisa for a quick stop. Then he took a different route back to the shipso we could see other sights. He was extremely knowledgeable and we throroughly enjoyed the whole day. Both drivers were very professional, courteous, gave us great suggestions, were there for us all day long. It was perfect because two of my group could not walk any distances and they were still able to see the sights. I would highly recommend Driverinrome to anyone. I am sorry that we did not contract your driver in Sicily. Next time! Thanks so much.
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Hello Daniele, We had a wonderful time with our driver he was great! We just returned this Friday at midnight to NC. So it has been a bit difficult to get back in gear. Our trip to Italy was wonderful! A trip of a lifetime. We just looked over our pictures today. Many great ones from our trip. Again thanks for arranging all with our driver. We loved the Wine. So nice of you to send to us. Enjoy your cruise! We will pass around your services to friends who may go to Italy. We hope to return in a couple years!!
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Paolo (our driver) and Georgette (our Vatican guide) were absolutlely fabulous!! We couldn't be happier with our Driverinrome experience. We will be including a strong recommendation in our Cruise Critic Review of our cruise when we get back. (We will be in Venice for the next few days). Thank you so much
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Bonjourno Monia, our transfers with Driver-in-Rome were excellent. The Drivers were always early to arrive and very pleasant to deal with. Your vans were clean and accommodated the right amount of people and luggage that we required. The next time we visit Italy we will be sure to book an excursion. I would rate our experience with Driver-in-Rome as a 10 out of 10! Also, dealing with you, Monia, was a friendly and great experience. You were quick to respond to my requests and your messages and information was very clear. Thank you again!
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Dear Monia, our trips were wonderful. Both Paolo and Remo were on time and very courteous. Paolo is very knowledgeable and we all enjoyed hearing him tell us about everything we saw. Thank you again for the great service.
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