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Ciao Monia, I appreciate your email and the chance to give you feedback on your company. This is the second year that we have used your company's services and we have been extremely pleased every time. We arrived at the airport and found Marco (not sure if I spelled that correctly) waiting for us. He was very pleasant and professional. He also arranged for another driver to pick us up at our hotel a few days later to take us to Hertz rent-a-car, something that we needed to schedule at the last minute. Thank you for taking our reservation on such short notice. We also especially enjoyed our half-day sightseeing tour around Rome with Luca. He took us to a great restaurant and helped us order. It was nice talking with him at lunch and getting to know him better. We look forward to using your services again the next time we are in Rome or other parts of Italy. Thank you so much.
post Published by: Martha Galli (USA) Email - 28 Oct 2009, 2:42:23 PM
Good morning Monia...from Alabama! We had a wonderful trip to Italy and it was made even more special because of your services provided to our group in Rome. All three tours were excellent and we learned so much from each driver about the history of Rome. Wish we could have gotten the cheese tasting as suggested by Anna Nuessle, but maybe next time that will work out. We just can't say enough about the excellent cars and vans and all of the people involved with our trip. Thank you so much...we will tell all our friends to be sure to contact you when planning their trips to Italy.
post Published by: Susan Meyer (Alabama) Email - 28 Oct 2009, 1:56:36 PM
Now that we are back in the "real world" I would like to take the time to thank you for the wonderful shore excursions we had in Italy while on our Ruby Princess Mediterranean cruise. Your drivers, Daniele, Roberto and Giuseppe (aka Joe Banana) were top notch. All three made our dream cruise vacation that much better. They were all punctual and managed to take us to all the many sites we wanted to see. I know for a fact that no one on our ship who took the cruise tours saw nearly as much as we did. They all were very knowledgeable of the region and went out of their way to make sure our excursions were enjoyable. I will highly recommend driverinrome to any of my friends going to Italy.
post Published by: Toni Taschner (USA) Email - 28 Oct 2009, 1:20:26 PM
Hi! We are still on the ship and LOVED our trip to Lucca. Valter is absolutely the best and we will recommend your service to everyone we know and to Cruise Critic. The guy sitting next to me in the internet cafe was just asking about driverinrome. We thank you again for sending Valter, he was superb and we had a wonderful day. Thanks!
post Published by: Suzanne Lambert (USA) Email - 28 Oct 2009, 12:49:34 PM
Monia, I have miss placed the email you sent welcoming us back, but found a past email and wanted to thank you. The Williams family thoroughly enjoyed our travels to and around Rome. What a fantastic journey for our family. The driver was unbelievably knowledgeable about Rome and its surrounding area. It made our trip extra special and we would do it all again. Thank you so very much for the first class service,

The Williams Family
post Published by: Janine Williams (USA) Email - 26 Oct 2009, 3:33:34 PM
i would like to tell you we had a very wonderful experience with your company! i would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends = italy is a beautiful country and your service made it that much more special! we especiallly like +big+ luca!
post Published by: holly friedman (USA) Email - 26 Oct 2009, 3:06:07 PM
This company was fabulous. I highly recommend them - perfect for up to 6 people. You will see twice as much as the bus tours and it will keep the kids interest. Also much more comfortable and personal worth the price.

Thank you!
post Published by: Michele Smith (Canada) Email - 24 Oct 2009, 2:54:37 PM
Hi Monia - my apologies for not writing sooner - getting back to work after vacation has been hectic. I have to tell you right up front, we had a fabulous experience for both of our tour days. You have the same last name, but I don't know what your relationship is to Daniele or Remo, but you should be extremely proud of them. They both far exceeded our expectations! Our day in Pisa and Florence set the tone for our cruise. Daniele was the ultimate professional and knowledgeable guide. We had a two-day tour in St. Petersburg three years ago with a guide who we thought was the best, but Daniele was so much better. We loved his sense of humor and ability to set us at ease. My mother-in-law was so happy that Daniele was our guide - that made me feel so good that she was happy. Our diversion to the winery in Tuscany was totally unexpected and added so much. As we say in the US, "the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree" meaning Daniele is so much like his father Remo. We were truly blessed with having been with both of them. As for Remo, he said he was semi-retired, but we couldn't tell. He informed us on all sorts of things. Knew his way around that it made it an ease to get familiar with Rome. We realize that being there on a holiday was going to be a "downer" but it really worked out great. Remo was able to take us close to places. And he was so helpful with his instructions - like when we were at the Colosseum and how we would meet up. His concern for our happiness and well-being was very clear. The surprise of our day was Remo stopping near our cruise ship and playing a few songs for us on his concertina. Please tell him that meant so much to us - we were so thrilled - we kept talking about it for days afterwards. Both Daniele and Remo had good connections with people - everyone seemed to know them and vice versa - it really help with our travels. We were all impressed with their ability to get around so smoothly. You provide such a special service. We talked to folks on the ship about our experiences and all of them were so amazed with what we did. We gave them all your website and contact info - hopefully it might result in some future business. I do plan to go onto the various websites (cruisereview, etc) to offer positive recommendations. I'm also going to tell Nancy Bogert - huge thanks go to her too for making the connection with your company. Kindly extent our heartfelt thanks to Daniele and Remo for an unbelievable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. In a word, "WOW", is what we experienced. Thank you again for providing a wonderful service.
post Published by: Ray (USA) Email - 24 Oct 2009, 2:01:14 PM
Dear Monia Melaragno, first of all, thank you for your thoughtfull email. My family and I truly enjoyed a wonderful day in Rome thanks to your driver Giorgio. He was a wonderful host who took care of us. We never had the idea that we were on a commercial trip, he made us feel at home and it even felt like he was having more fun than we did (he mentioned that he loved his job but that was not necessary he showed all day long). We were in Rome on august 15 so it was a strange adventure with all the natives out of the city. Your diver had the opportunity to show us things off the beaten track and he did. He organized lunch for us out of the tourist area and we had a great and delicious lunch with the last remaining Romans in the city on Ferragusta. On behalf of my family and myself we would like to take this opportunity and say thank you once again for a wonderful day. This day was one of the highlights of our vacation.
post Published by: Harry Schreurs (USA) Email - 24 Oct 2009, 1:34:58 PM
Thank you so much for helping us with our arrival & tour of Rome. We were thrilled to see Franscesco(?) waiting for us at the airport, especially since it took our luggage an especially long time to arrive! He was so nice and though his English (and my Italian) were not too good, we managed to communicate and enjoyed the ride to the hotel. The next day, I'm sorry, I've already forgotten his name, maybe Antonio, picked up our friends at the airport and then us at the hotel. Our tour of Roma was terrific! He hit all of the high spots and let us get out and walk around so our friends (who had never been to Roma) could really savor the experience. He was very knowledgable and very friendly. Thank you so much! I have told my travel agent to recommend you to her other clients, - as I will tell any of my friends who travel to Italy. Thanks again for helping our trip get off to a fabulous start!!!
post Published by: Bonnie Abrams (USA) Email - 24 Oct 2009, 1:05:45 PM