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"Hi, Monia. We're physically home now, but still mentally on the trip. We had a great day with Ottavio -- we have only compliments for him and for Driver in Rome! We were not only able to see everything we had on our little list, we were treated to some other wonderful sights. We particularly liked the vistas -- we were taken to several overlooks from which Ottavio pointed out landmarks and all the places we were going & had been to. He was a wealth of knowledge and he did a great job sharing it with us. We also had a really delicious lunch at the restaurant he suggested -- all in all, a perfect day. Thank you and Ottavio for a wonderful visit to Roma. We'll definitely be in touch with you when we return to Rome.

Best Regards,Charles & Ellan Spring,MD, USA"
post Published by: Charles & Ellan (Middletown, USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 6:31:29 PM
post Published by: MARY jANG (USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 6:23:47 PM

"Hi Monia, We had a wonderful trip and were so glad we booked our Taormina/Etna excursion independently - not only because we saved a fair amount of money vs booking with the cruise company but moreso because we got to see the area through Silvano's eyes. Silvano was very personable and accommodating - he even apologized for the rain! He had an extra jacket and umbrellas for us, which came in handy, as well as some fresh picked blood oranges. Coming down from the summit, he stopped beside a house mostly immersed in old lava for a photo opportunity and took a photo of my brother and niece standing on top pf the roof - one of the many highlights of this trip. As we did not choose to stay at the summit for very long he gave us choices of what we could do as we had the time. We chose to go to Catania and the public market which was a real highlight. We were able to wander at our leisure before meeting up with him again. I don't recall visiting the Ancient Greek Theatre but obviously I didn't miss seeing it! This was a nice relaxing excursion, different from the hustle and bustle of Florence and Rome. Please tell Silvano how much we enjoyed his casual yet knowledgeable personality. I would definitely recommend your company and Silvano to others. Ciao and thanx. Trudi"
post Published by: Trudi (USA) - 24 Jul 2008, 6:18:27 PM

"Overall, our trip was wonderful and is one of the highlights of my life. Of course, all of our excursions with your company contributed to our experience. To recap, you took us on a tour of Pompeii and Amalfi coast, transferred us from our ship to hotel, took us on a tour of Rome, and then I went with your firm to find my relatives in Raiano. First: Umberto did a fabulous job on our first excursion as did the independent guide at Pompeii. We were very impressed with the quality of our time in Pompeii as I know we saw much more than others we know who have gone there. Our guide spoke English very well and demonstrated a real interest in making our morning memorable. What can you say about Amalfi. It was our first time there and we are determined to return. Second: On the transfer to our hotel, we met Remo. He actually made a simple transfer a highlight as he had us laughing throughout the drive. He actually convinced me to book the trip to Raiano (as you know, I asked about it and was never really certain about going through with it). I agreed only if he would take us, which I'm grateful he agreed to do. Third: Francesco tool us to Rome and showed us more than we imagined. All of the above trips were memorable and we are contemplating a return to Italy in the fall. When we are more certain of our plans, we will contact you for another tour of Rome. Finally, Remo took Donna and me to Raiano to find my family. Words cannot express how fantastic this experience was for me. I brought only a handful of photographs that I obtained from my grandfather's belongings. I knew the first names of his four sisters. Other than that, all I had were memories of stories a grandfather told his grandson about his experiences in Italy. My grandfather left Italy to immigrate to the US in about 1920 and only returned twice before his death in 1994. Remo is a wonderful person and watching him interact with people while interpreting for Donna and me will forever be with me. Within a short period after arriving in Raiano, I had met one of my Mother's 1st cousins using her daughter's wedding photograph. There were many hugs and tears as this was the first contact my grandfather's family had with US relatives since he died. Long story short, we met two other cousins and some of their children. The best news is that we have been communicating since our return to the US and that is the primary reason we are planning to return so soon. You see, my mother never learned to speak Italian and never met or spoke with any of her relatives in Italy. She is the youngest in her family and she is the only one remaining alive among her immediate family. She now has been introduced to her father's family and traveling to Italy to meet them is all she speaks of. So, we will also be looking to arrange for Remo, and only Remo would be acceptable, to take us back to Raiano. We will refer your company and services to any of our acquaintances planning to travel to Italy. In fact, Donna has already asked me to give her your e-mail address so she can forward it to her doctor. Very best regards, Clair and Donna Goddard "
post Published by: Donna Goddard (Clair, USA) - 24 Jul 2008, 6:11:48 PM

Our one, single most memorable day was the day we spent with Angelo. It was the perfect day of relaxation and amazement, every minute was a joy. When we stepped off our ship Angelo was there waiting for us, he escorted us into the back of his Mercedes and whisked us off to Rome for the most fun filled day of our entire vacation. He was thoughtful, informative, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating. Though he had a tentative itinerary for us that would allow us to see all the sites of Rome he was very obliging when we informed him that, though we did want to see everything he had to offer we would also need to squeeze in two hours for shopping! He was so courteous and more than willing to accommodate our needs, making sure all our wishes were fulfilled. Angelo not only took us to amazing places we could have never found on our own and showed us up-close, breathtaking views of everything we wanted to see in Rome he also kept us completely safe. As two women traveling alone we found that in most cities we had to be
post Published by: Diana King (USA) - 24 Jul 2008, 6:05:45 PM

"Danielle I had to write, finally. We had the most wonderful time with our drivers. Hal and Sheree Steele and my husband Tim and myself enjoyed drivers in two cities, Florence and Rome. Our drivers exceeded all expectations we had concerning, time, availability, courtesy, knowledge, education, ease of making appointments and avoiding long lines and so forth. WOW! is what I can say and I have recommended you to people all over the globe. We used the services even on our 20th anniversary and while we were disappointed not to have had certain special accommodations, our driver made a wonderful luncheon selection of a restaurant he and his wife who reside in Rome used for their special occasions. Thank you so much, there is no way to see more in less time than with your wonderful service. Your drivers present themselves in impeccable style, clean and professional behaviors. They brought us to places with vantage points that no other tourist could have found their way to on their first visits. They also sing, we were serenaded by our driver in Florence Josepphi (I am not sure how to spell it) and he delighted all day long with his humor and most especially his winsome attitude. Here are photos. I can not recall the drivers name we had in Rome, please find out and send me his name, just for my own knowledge thanks! Sincerely Liz Mullin"
post Published by: Liz Mullin (Gig Harbor, WA. USA ) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:58:49 PM

"We are home safe and sound and wishing we were still in Europe. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour in Rome and our driver was wonderful. Unfortunately, we were waiting for our driver in the wrong place and I had to call the company to find out where he was as it was getting late. I apologized to him as we were in the wrong. But he was a great tour guide. I have already recommended your company to someone who will be there in a few months. This week-end I will post your web site on cruise critic with high recommendations. Thank you again for making our trip a very memorable one. Barbara"
post Published by: Barbara (USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:51:43 PM

We were thrilled with the 2 tours we had with DriverinRome. Daniel seemlessly guided us through all the wonderful attractions,which were great, but also provided us with beautiful lunch venues so we could enjoy the ambience and savor the true essence of Italy. He did the impossible, over the 9 hour tours, covering so much, and we never felt the least stress, totally confident that we were in capable hands. Monia provided thorough, attentive and professional service while we were still state-side, answering all our questions and anxieties. I highly recommend Driverinrome.
post Published by: Stephanie Andersen (Sebastian , USA) - 24 Jul 2008, 5:43:13 PM

"Hello Monia, Our family of six arrived home safely in California. Thank you. We had never been to Europe before, so the jet-lag was difficult for my husband and I. The day before we left for Italy we had buried my husband's Aunt - Angelina Buono, she was born in Adelfia, Bari. When we arrived home, my husband's Uncle - Gaetano Buono (Angelina's brother) passed away. It has been a very difficult time for our family these past months. In regards to Executive Limousine Tours & Driver in Rome. We were very satisfied with your services: Fabrizio, and our tour of Pisa and Florence. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word! Fabrizio possesses a true love of his region and homeland. He educated our family about the history and current commerce of the area. We saw both leaning towers in Pisa! While in Florence, he also took our family to the absolute best gelato stand in all of Italy! We truly feel that a finer tour guide could not be found to show our family the sights in Pisa & Florence. When we arrived back to our ship in Livorno, our family - especially our sons felt as though Fabrizio was family, perhaps a cousin! Photos were taken of Fabrizio and our family, our only regret was something magnetic near security in the National Museum in Rome erased not only those photos, but over six hundred photos of our entire twelve day cruise. How sad, we will have to come back to Italy again. :) While in Rome, your Father-in-law, Remo had made arrangements for our day trip and also for us to have lunch at a small cafe in Castel Gandolfo. The sights were beautiful and the food was fabulous! Manuele, our tour guide for Villa d' Este, Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa, Castel Gandolfo and the San Callisto Catacombs. He was very polite and a gentleman as well. We truly enjoyed his company. As well, Our 19 year old son Nicholas and his 19 year old girlfriend Lisana really enjoyed talking with him about life in Italy. Especially soccer, while we were in Rome, Italy won the World Cup!! How very exciting! In addition Manuele told us about the church - Santa Croce in Gerusalemme (where there are actual pieces of the cross Christ was crucified on) near San Giovanni in Laterno. Our family is Roman Catholic. We visited both churches, it was an emotional and memorable afternoon for all of us. Thank you to Remo as well. Roberto was the gentleman who picked us up at the dock in Livorno and took us to our hotel, Canada Hotel on Via Vincenza in Rome. Although his command of the English language was limited, he understood we needed to stop at a Farmacia for medicine for our 15 year old niece. He found a store that was convenient and also helped us with finding a bank with an ATM.He pointed out sights on the way to the hotel as well.Imagine our surprise when a week later it was Roberto who arrived at our hotel to take us to the airport.It was very nice to see a familiar face. For any future visits to Italy our family really has only one choice, to choose"
post Published by: Teresa Topping (Usa) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:37:22 PM

"Hello Monia, Our experience with your company was terrific. We had a chance to catch a nap during our ride to Florence so that when we arrived we were refreshed. It was also great not to have to deal with a car or train after such a long flight. We plan to return to Rome over christmas so I will be in touch. We would like to attend mass on Christmas. Do you have a package for that? Thanks, Carole Hurst"
post Published by: Carole Hurst (USA) Email - 24 Jul 2008, 5:31:21 PM