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"Ciao Monia Come sta? Thank you for the email. We had a Wonderful trip to Italy and were so sad to have to leave. The time we spent on the tour with Giuseppe to Castelgandolfo was one of the best days we had. He is a fabulous driver and guide and we truly enjoyed his company. He is informative, and accommodating, and fun to be around. Please tell him ciao for us. We will be returning to Italy in May 2008 on a cruise and I will be contacting you as we get closer to the date to arrange some shore excursions for part of our group at that time. Thank you again for everything. Take care and stay well. Sincerely, Roxanne Boryczki"
post Published by: Roxanne Boryczki (USA) Email - 2 Aug 2008, 8:24:29 AM

"Hello there: We are back home and settled in. I'm back to work! We had a wonderful day with Luca last week on our trip from Rome to Pompeii and Sorrento. We travelled along the Amalfi Coast and to wonderful restaurant. It was a great day and we were most pleased with Luca and the driver he was working with whose name I've forgotten. Our best to all of you in Rome. Give that darling Luca a big kiss for me! Jeanette Yanucil "
post Published by: Jeanette Yanucil (USA) Email - 2 Aug 2008, 8:14:46 AM

"Hello, Monia. Our day in Rome with Patricio and Emmanuel was WONDERFUL. My husband, Will Webster, posted a comment on your website. We have nothing but positive things to say and I think our whole family thought it was the best day of our trip. We were a group of 11, ranging in age from 12 to 83, and Patricio and Emmanuel were able to adapt the tour to meet the needs of everyone in the group. We found them both so helpful and pleasant and we learned a great deal about Rome and its history. We will recommend Driver in Rome to our friends and will certainly contact you again when we have the opportunity to visit your country. Thank you. Anne Webster"
post Published by: Anne Webster (USA) Email - 2 Aug 2008, 8:05:47 AM

"Monia, Thanks for the follow up email...Yes, we made it home fine and we are getting back to normal after our wonderful trip....Your services were great as usual, We did have a late pick up on our arrival into Rome airport, But that was the only problem...Our Drivers for Naples & Florence were perfect, what a wonderful time we had....We are repeat clients and will always use your service while in Italy...I was a little disappointed that we did not see Remo or Daniele this time, but I guess you are very busy this season... Thank you for your service, until next time... Ciao, Francis "
post Published by: Francis (USA) Email - 2 Aug 2008, 7:59:19 AM

"Monia, We were Absolutely Satisfied with Ottavio and our Tour of Rome! Ottavio is Fantastic and we felt that we saw Everything and More in the time that we had before we had to return to our Ship. He is extremely knowledgeable and we received a wonderful education of Rome. We will definitely refer Ottavio and Your Company to our Travel Agent and to our Friends. The Mercedes was a comfortable and wonderful way to travel! Thank You for providing such Top Quality Service!!! Lynne Rossow"
post Published by: Lynne Rossow (USA) Email - 1 Aug 2008, 6:15:03 PM

"Hey Daniele and Monia Just wanted to thank you for everything. We had a great trip and alot of it was due to you and your family. Dinner at your mom and dad's was spectaticular. We had a fun time as well as your mom's cooking is fabulous. All the guys picking us up from the airport, hotels and the ship were great and we had wonderful tours. How is your dad? Our last tour of Florence, the driver said it was suppose to be Remo but a brick had fallen on his head and he was in the hospital a few days so he had asked his friend to take us. I hope he is ok, I feel like I know you all since we have spent so much time together. Please tell Remo we are thinking of him and hope everything is fine. The tour guide for the Vatican was really great, my youngest was ill, she has a hernia and had vomitted all the way from America to Rome and then was still sick as we started our tour. At one point in the Vatican she needed to be sick, the tour guide found her a paper bag, and found the security people who partitioned off the section of the Vatican where we were so Madi could be sick in private, then they got her a chair and put a fan on her face. It was really very nice of everyone, but the tour guide was great, thinking fast and spoke English very well. She was great as were all the others, this sticks out because not too many people can say they vomitted in private at the Vatican. It is funny now. Thanks again from the whole family, Lynette"
post Published by: Lynette (USA) Email - 1 Aug 2008, 6:06:49 PM
smileIn Florance, we had Claudio navigate us through rain and hail delivering us to the Accadamia's front door dry. He is a fun driver who really loves his city. Aldo escorted us in Rome and he is the best tour guide we've ever had. His knowledge of the city is amazing and his English is perfect. We'd recommend him highly to anyone anytime. Thanks for making our trip so wonderful!
post Published by: Karla - 31 Jul 2008, 4:57:05 PM

"For Patrick and Emanuella Our family of eleven thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Rome, and particularly the helpfulness of our two drivers. We older members of the group ( the Goddens ) really appreciated the patience and consideration shown us. A great contribution was made to our trip. We thought you might like to see the attached photos. The one at Trevi Fountain was taken by Patrick. Kind regards Joyce and Les Godden"
post Published by: Joyce & Les Godden (USA) Email - 31 Jul 2008, 10:31:51 AM

"Dear Daniele / Monia: it was a real pleasure your guides. VEry specially Lucas (Giovani was good, but there is no comparason with the qulity/preparation/ etc. which you can easily see!) We made a great mistake with his tip. We didn't have the check book in europe to send the money from there. This week my daugther is sending you for Lucas $50. You can give them to him now or wait untill the envelopes arrives (maybe a week?) from usa. We are in vzla, and it could take indefinite time from here. We will give your data to our agency(TOMACA TOURS), for our clients to use you in case they are in italy!! Best regards to you and to Lucas, thanks again. Shirley and Ricardo Strulovic"
post Published by: Shirley & RicardO (USA) Email - 31 Jul 2008, 10:23:24 AM

"Monia, The whole experience while at Italy was fantastic. All of the drivers were very knowledgeable and courteous. I have told all of my friends here in Florida about your services and I have highly recommend your company. Thank you for asking my feedback. Orlando Vargas "
post Published by: Orlando Vargas (USA) Email - 31 Jul 2008, 10:17:12 AM