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We had a great time. Thank you. Both trips were excellent and our drivers were great - especially in Rome.

post Published by: Jason - 24 Jun 2010, 10:04:13 AM
Thank you.

Daniel was great and we had a wonderful time.

Next time in Italy, we will have to do it again.

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Sorry we didn't get to meet you or Danielle but we did get to visit Remo/Angela's home for a little while. Everything was great. Thanks again for making our trip a special one.

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Hi daniele,our driver was on time and courteous. Our party of seven enjoyed many of the storied sights in Rome and the guide for the Coloseum that you acquired for us was very knowledgable and extremely friendly. Our family would highly recommend you to anyone visiting Rome.

post Published by: Tom Email - 21 Jun 2010, 1:53:05 PM
Hi Daniele,

meeting and spending the day with Remo was fabulous! As it turns out, Remo's grandfather settled in a small Ohio town that is only 12 miles from where I grew up!! What a small world.

Our experience with your drivers was nothing short of PHENOMINAL!

Honestly, there is nothing we would have changed in any of the ports of call. We loved each of our guides- each was unique in their own way, but perfect matches for our group. By the way, the private guide at Pompeii- excellent; he truly brought it to life for us.

I'm working with some clients for July of this year and I'm definitely booking them with you for Rome and Naples, possibly Florence as well.

Thank you again for everything - you really helped make our trip perfect for us!

post Published by: Kelley (USA) - 21 Jun 2010, 1:35:54 PM
Dear Daniele

clients finally arrived back in the States

yesterday. They called me this morning to tell me about

their trip. They really had a wonderful time and raved

about driverinrome. They said that their guides, Marco and

Luca, were fantastic. Thank you for taking such good care

of them. The truly enjoyed their tours and felt that they

had an "up close and personal" experience with Rome! You

can be sure that we will recommend your company to other

clients who travel to Rome.


post Published by: marian (usa) - 18 Jun 2010, 8:56:11 AM
You have the best service ever. I have never experienced such personable service ever before.. I would VERY HIGHLY recommend REMO and his B&B to all.

Loved it...

post Published by: Anjali (USA) Email - 14 Jun 2010, 6:57:35 PM